Akakabuto's Cub

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This character is the son of Akakabuto.

Ginga: Nagareboshi Gin

This cub of Akakabuto attacked Shige, his son and their companion in the Naganobori cabin. They though it was his father, and called it Onikubi, the nickname Akakabuto has. Shige managed to escape injured to Fujiwara Guesthouse. After gotten the info and Shige died, Gohē Takeda takes Gin with him to hunt Akakabuto together with other hunters, including Kōsaku Fujiwara. Daisuke also tag along despite his father said it's not for kids. Later they teamed up with Hidetoshi Sekiguchi and John. They discovered they came to late to save the humans in the cabin. Hidetoshi set John after the bear, and Gin also fought till [Hidetoshi finally managed to shoot it. Unfortunately, that bear was just one of Akakabuto's Offspring. Seeing that the bear wasn’t Akakabuto, as he didn’t have the scarred right eye, Hidetoshi was unable to get his revenge for his father.