Also Known AsOnikubi; Kurige
MeaningRed Helmet
In Other Languages
Finnish (manga & sub)Akakabuto
Finnish (dub)Akakabuutto
Swedish (dub)
Akaka Booto
Swedish (sub)Akakabuto
CauseKilled by Gin
GDR5 years old
GNG10 years old
Fur Color Brown, Red
Eye ColorYellow
CharacteristicsRed Back

Akakabuto – also known as Onikubi or Kurige – is the main antagonist of Ginga: Nagareboshi Gin and Ginga Densetsu Riki.

He is a monstrous man-eating bear with unusual red fur on his back. It seems like he has always been aggressive but turned even worse after the brain damage.

Akakabuto has many mates and offspring.


Akakabuto was a very unique bear, even so that humans were not sure about his species. One of his most distinctive traits, the one he was named after, was the red mane running down his back. Otherwise he is dark brown like and originally sized similar to the brown bears of Hokkaido. His right eye is blind, making it easier to tell him apart from his offspring. Akakabuto was originally around 2-4 meters in height, but eventually grew into incredible 12 meters. In the end, his weight was about 5000 kg.

Ginga Densetsu Riki

Akakabuto has been causing trouble by attacking and consuming the farmer’s cattle and soon starts to attack humans. He had different names in different prefectures, such as Kurige and Onikubi. The hunter, Gohē Takeda starts to hunt the bear together with his dog Shiro. On a hunt, Akakabuto attacks Takeda and the other hunters causing all of them to die except Takeda who loses his left ear. Akakabuto and Shiro fight and Takeda does his best to protect his dog by shooting Akakabuto’s right eye out, which also causes the bear a brain damage. Shiro sees no other option than to push Akakabuto and himself down a valley. Akakabuto survived this while Shiro did not.

Ginga: Nagareboshi Gin

The hunt for Akakabuto has not stopped. Gohē Takeda is still hunting his death enemy to avenge Shiro and get payback for his ear. Takeda has got himself a new bear dog, Riki- the son of Shiro. Akakabuto manages to capture Takeda and Riki in a crack in a cliff. Akakabuto had wounded both Takeda and Riki. Akakabuto throws Riki into a valley as they fight but as Akakabuto is about to attack Takeda which he hate for shooting out his eye, the rescue team arrives and Akakabuto decides to flee.

Time passes and Akakabuto holds the Futago Pass in a firm grip but Gin and Daisuke do their best to fight him off. Riki, who survived the fall, has gathered a group of male dogs to overpower Akakabuto and bring him to his death, Akakabuto sees no other option but to do the same. He rallied up troops of bears, and sets them on guard to protect his main fortress, Gajō. In the final battle, Akakabuto had hid his minions in the cracks of Gajō to surprise the dogs but Riki and his pack manage to kill off Akakabuto’s minions. As Akakabuto is the only bear left, he fights fiercely against the dogs which leads to many deaths, including Akatora who tears out Akakabuto’s remaining eye. Riki can’t afford to lose any more dogs and shows Gin the Zetsu Tenrō Battōga, they attack Akakabuto’s back to cause disability of his arms. Even though Riki and Gin have used a deadly attack the monster bear refuses to die. But the dogs get help from Takeda who shoots Akakabuto once but not even that is enough, Akakabuto stands up yet again and attacks Takeda and Riki, they both get badly injured. Gin, in anger, uses the Battōga and slashes Akakabuto’s head off, thus killing the demon bear. Finally, after Akakabuto’s death, his reign of terror is over.


Akakabuto appears and is shown few times as a flashback character. Most of the time he is referred to as the one defeated by Gin, but has been shown in an aura status.

Ginga: The Last Wars

Akakabuto’s cubs have now appeared to revenge their father their leader being the biggest one, Monsoon.


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