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Chiko is a female pet dog in Ōu.

Ginga Densetsu Weed

Genba sent a group of his dogs to the city to find females for himself. She wouldn't let them take her without a fight and made enough noise that her owner inside of the house heard what was going on. He grabbed a shovel to fend off the dogs, but they attacked him and knocked him onto the road. Daisuke Fujiwara just happened to be driving by and just about hit the man, but managed to stop in time. He immediately left his truck to help Chiko's owner to get him into the safety of his car.

The two of them both saw the group of dogs dragging Chiko away by her leash, but suddenly Akame lept out of no where and began to fight the dogs, giving Chiko a chance to flee.


  • Some fans believe she's a Nihon Ken, but nothing is confirmed.