Deputy Village Mayor

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Deputy Village Mayor

The Deputy Village Mayor is the next mayor in Higashinaruse village.

He's the brother of the former village mayor, uncle of Hidetoshi Sekiguchi

Ginga: Nagareboshi Gin

He gets the role of his brother after he is killed by Akakabuto. He informs the villagers about Mosa and Madara. He asks the villagers to hunt down the bears but they're too scared.

When he, his nephew Hidetoshi Sekiguchi. and Daisuke Fujiwara hear the gunshots from Futago Pass. They drive there just in time to see that Akakabuto is dead and Riki is dying. When Daisuke tries to run to see Gin, the deputy mayor stops him from getting too close at the wild dogs. Gohē Takeda informs that Futago Pass shall be a place only for the wild dogs as a reward of their heroic job. The deputy mayor protests a bit by mentioning that the wild dogs might be dangerous to humans but Gohē assures that won't happen and asks him to take care of it as an upcoming official mayor. The men then leave the scene as the wild dogs watch.


  • In his first appearance, he is quite bald, but later he has much more hair. In Meteor Gin, it comically suggests that maybe he wears a wig.