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Don was one of the hunting dogs owned by Gohē Takeda. He was not fully trained yet and was still learning, often getting yelled at and abused by Gohē for misbehaving.


Don is a black dog, who looks like an Akita-inu. He has a thick yellow collar with silver-coloured metal details on it.

Ginga: Nagareboshi Gin

Don follows his owner Gohē Takeda to the mountains with Riki and Aka on an expedition to find Kazue and Toshiaki. They find Kazue alive but Toshiaki dead and continue to search for the bear who did it. However, the hunting party gets ambushed by the terrifying bear Akakabuto, who killed Don and his partner Aka.


  • In the manga, Don is sometimes mistakenly depicted as partially white.