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This article is about the Ōu veteran from GDWO.
other variants: the elder from the Kōga Clanthe elder from KNT

The Elder is a minor character of Ginga Densetsu Weed: Orion.

He is the elder of a small pack in Sendai in which inhabit Heizō and Tyson. He used to be an Ōu soldier under the command of the legendary Ōu leader Riki and is one of the warriors who survived the Great Battle against Akakabuto.


He is looks a lot like Kenshin Nokizaru, with reddish-brown and white fur with black ears along with little black spots under his eyes and around his muzzle.


He was once an Ohu soldier, loyal to the army's great leader, Orion's great-grandfather Riki. His loyalty even remains to Riki's descendants. Even with his old age, he's as wise as ever. Knowing that Orion would get into trouble, he sent Heizo and Tyson after him. He refuses to serve those who have evil intentions.

Ginga Densetsu Weed: Orion

When he saw Orion, the puppy reminded him of his Supreme Commander who had been killed by Akakabuto many years ago. He then asks him who were his parents and when Orion replies that his father and mother were Weed and Koyuki, Elder and his followers immediately salute him. When Orion decided to leave the pack in order to find his family, the Elder stops him, explaining to him that Ōu had been destroyed by the volcanic eruption and that their utopia had been invaded once again by a new, powerful enemy: the Kurohabaki Clan. Despite all of the Elder's warnings, Orion still decided to search for his pack, promising Elder and Heizō that he will be cautious of the dangerous pack.

When Orion left, the Elder sends Heizō and Tyson to follow the small Akita mix, worrying that he will get in trouble. Several days later, the Elder and his pack were attacked by the Kurohabaki Clan, forcing the old male and his pack to join them. The Elder immediately refused and he was killed. After Orion and his friends had driven the evil dogs out of the pack, they buried Elder's body, leaving Shirozaku, Denshichi, and Miu to look after Elder's pack.