Episode 1 (GDW)

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Episode 1

Episode 1
Kanji その名はウィード
Rōmaji sono na wa wiido
Translation his name is Weed
In other languages
Danish Hans navn er Weed
Finnish Hänen nimensä on Weed
Swedish Hans namn är Weed
Chinese 他的名字叫做韋德
Series Ginga Densetsu Weed
Episode no. 1/26
Publication and Animation
Directed by Shinobu Nishioka (西岡 忍)
Studio Studio Deen
Airing Date November 3rd, 2005
Network Animax

His Name Is Weed! is the first episode of the Japanese anime series Ginga Densetsu Weed.  


A decade has passed since the battle against Akakabuto, and Gin´s son, Weed meets a dog named GB and discovers the truth of his father from his mother.




  • There are many events on the anime that are different from the manga.
  • The anime includes a narration explaining the battle of Akakabuto.
  • Smith teaches some puppies how to catch a fish
  • The reason why Sakura left is different: In the manga, Lucy, Terry´s wife, lied to Sakura that Gin got injured and when Smith found out about Sakura´s disappearance, he left Futago pass to search Sakura. In the anime, a monster attacked Futago pass and Smith was tasked with the mission of escorting a pregnant Sakura to a safe place.
  • Smith´s meeting takes place in the house of Smith´s owners after Sakura dies, while in the anime, the meeting happens after Smith scares the guard dog.
  • The battle with the guard dog is different, especially with the outcome. In the manga, the Guard dog leaves in the middle of the battle after getting frightened by Smith´s presence. While in the anime, Weed uses the ]]Zetsu Tenrō Battōga]] to rip the Guard dog´s ear.
  • Sakura´s death happens after Weed´s first meeting with GB, while in the anime, the event happens after Weed rescues GB and Sasuke from the guard dog.
  • The reunion between Smith and Sakura never happened in the manga.
  • GB´s backstory is not mentioned in the anime, although the part of Smith saving GB is mentioned.
  • Smith goes along with Weed and GB to their trip to Futago pass.
  • Many scenes are excluded or shortened, like GB farting after Nero smells Weed´s presence.