Episode 26 (GDW)

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Episode 26

Episode 26
Kanji 真・銀牙伝説
Rōmaji makoto ginga densetsu
Translation the true silver fang legend
In other languages
Danish Et forbillede for alle
Finnish Todellinen Hopeanuoli
Swedish Den äkta Silver Fang
Chinese 真・銀牙傳説
Series Ginga Densetsu Weed
Episode no. 26/26
Publication and Animation
Directed by Shinobu Nishioka (西岡 忍)
Studio Studio Deen
Airing Date May 11, 2006
Network Animax

The True Silver Fang Legend is the 26th and final episode of the Japanese anime series, Ginga Densetsu Weed.


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Differences between the Manga and the Anime