Episode 2 (GDW)

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Episode 2
Kanji 大将の器
Rōmaji taishou no utsuwa
Translation the capacity of a commander
In other languages
Danish Den store generalens udtrykte billede
Finnish Ilmetty päällikkö
Swedish Befälhavarens avbild
Chinese 首領的氣度
Series Ginga Densetsu Weed
Episode no. 2/26
Publication and Animation
Directed by Takehiro Nakayama (中山 岳洋)
Studio Studio Deen
Airing Date November 10th, 2005
Network Animax

The Capacity of a Commander is the second episode of the Japanese anime series Ginga Densetsu Weed.





  • This episode is also known as The Tool Of The Commander and Tool Of The Leader
  • Many details from the manga were excluded or changed in order to include the Mel story arc in one episode.
  • Characters like Lenny, Mel´s mother and Golvy were excluded from the anime. Because of this, Mel´s backstory is not mentioned.
  • The fight between Weed and GB, after GB refusing to help Lenny never happens.
  • Weed meeting with Mel is different. In the manga, Weed and Lenny meet Mel after arriving near Blue´s territory. In the anime, Weed, GB and Smith arrive in a town, when they see Mel running away from a pet shop employee after stealing a bag of dog food. Weed, GB and Smith save Mel by scaring the employee and Mel running with the bag from Weed.
  • Hook´s backstory was shown in detail in the manga. In the anime, it is only mentioned and they include some shots from his backstory.
  • The death of Hook´s brother, Kuro is different. In the manga, Kuro was killed by both Blue and Ned, But in the anime, it´s only Blue who kills Kuro.
  • In the anime, Blue has more dogs in his gang.
  • the manga has GB being the one who convinces Hook to help Weed, while in the anime, it was Smith who did it.
  • In the manga, Hook gather the dogs from his neighborhood to help him. While in the anime, only Hook and Smith goes to help Weed.
  • The battle against Blue is different in the anime, since Lenny and the neighborhood dogs are absent. The anime added scenes like Hook and Smith fighting against Blue and his minions.
  • In the manga, Hook rips Ned´s ear for killing his brother. In the anime, he doesn´t do that.
  • in the anime, Blue mentions having connections with Nero.
  • Blue backstory is not mentioned in the anime. In the manga, Blue went to Futago pass to become an Ohu solider, but he was forced to leave after the hunters attacked him. Although the anime possibly hinted that Blue was never loved by anyone.
  • In the manga, Mel joins with Weed after Lenny´s death, while in the anime Mel joined Weed after Blue´s death.
  • The scenes of the hunters attacking the dogs at Futago pass, Daisuke explaining the story of the battle of Ohu to his girlfriend and finding the corpse of a dog were not included in the anime.
  • The anime added new scenes like Smith telling Weed stories about Gin, and Weed catching some fishes.