Episode 5 (GDW)

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Episode 5
Kanji 放たれた決意
Rōmaji hanareta ketsui
Translation released decision
In other languages
Danish Beslutsomhed
Finnish Päättäväisyyttä
Swedish Beslutsamhet
Chinese 下定決心
Series Ginga Densetsu Weed
Episode no. 5/26
Publication and Animation
Directed by Tadashi Sakazaki and Chūji Nakajima (坂崎 忠 and なかじま ちゅうじ)
Studio Studio Deen
Airing Date December 1, 2005
Network Animax

Released Decision is the fifth episode of the Japanese anime series Ginga Densetsu Weed.


Kaibutsu survives and all dogs rally to defeat him once and for all.




  • In the anime version of the episode, Daisuke and Hidetoshi don´t appear to assist the dogs in the battle against Kaibutsu.
  • Instead, we get scenes where the scientist and the hunters go to Futago pass on a helicopter to discover that Kaibutsu is responsible for the damage he caused.
  • In the manga, the conversation and flashback between Jerome and Kaibutsu take place in the middle of the battle. In the anime, the conversation takes place before the battle begins.