Episode 6 (GDW)

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Episode 6
Kanji 迫りくる野望
Rōmaji semari kuru yabou
Translation imminent ambition
In other languages
Danish En stadig stærkere vilje
Finnish Tavoite lähestyy
Swedish Viljan kryper närmare
Chinese 迫近的野心
Series Ginga Densetsu Weed
Episode no. 6/26
Publication and Animation
Directed by Masaru Yamada (山田 勝)
Studio Studio Deen
Airing Date December 8, 2005
Network Animax

Imminent Ambition is the sixth episode of the Japanese anime series, Ginga Densetsu Weed.


As the battle against Kaibutsu is coming to an end, a new menace appears.



Differences between the Manga and the Anime

  • Daisuke and Hidetoshi don't appear in the anime. They were replaced with scientists from P4's labor.
  • The scene of Gin hearing about his son Weed and the death of Sakura is different. In the manga it's Sasuke who meets and talks to Gin, John, and Akame. In the anime it's Hook who meets them.
    • Before they spoke Nero and his minions were beating Hook up.
  • The scene in the anime, where Gin beats Nero and his men and discover about his son, takes place on the same day. In the manga, these events occur separately in different days.
  • Nero's death is different in the manga. He dies of blood loss as a result of getting his paws ripped off. In the anime, he dies after Hougen slices his neck.
  • In the manga Rocket and his brothers join Hougen later, but in the anime, they joined him earlier.
  • In the manga Hiro joins Gin during the first battle against Hougen. But the anime shortened the scene by excluding Hiro. Because of that, Hiro didn't appear in the next episode.
  • Gon, the dog who informed Hougen about Gin's location doesn't appear in the anime. It´s Rocket and his brothers who informed Hougen.
  • The anime added or changed the following scenes: