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German, later named Roku by his owner, is a lonely German Shepherd, who met Lassie.


He is an off-white German Shepherd. He strongly resembles John.


He doesn't trust people and he thinks survival is easier without friends.


German is a german shepherd born and raised in a kennel with 100 other dogs. Everyday their owner takes them food and water one time a day. However, one day the owner disappeared, and left the dogs for dead.

German was the only who escaped by climbing on top of his dead friends and jumping over the kennel fence.

However, German lost all trust in humans. German lived alone in the forest until he saw a Collie with a Pit Bull Terrier named Bull.

German jumps in and rescues Lassie. Bull attacks German later and German gets badly wounded. Lassie takes him to an animal shelter where the things German hates most are; humans. Soon German gets his trust back in humans and is adopted by a boy named Shingo Yaguchi and his mother

He is named "Roku'" by his new family.