Gin's Siblings

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Gin's Siblings
Kanji 銀の兄弟
Kana ぎんのきょうだい
Rōmaji gin no Kyoudai
Pet Dog
Gender Males
Breed Akita
Birthplace Akita Prefecture
Home Higashinaruse Village
located in Akita Prefecture
GNG 0 - 0.5 years
Fur Color White and Red
Accessories Dog Collar

They are the unnamed children of Riki and Fuji, and the siblings of Gin.


Ginga: Nagareboshi Gin

They were born with Gin to Riki and Fuji. They were denied as good bearhounds and were left to live with their mother Fuji.

When Gin finishes his training with Gohē Takeda, he returns home for a brief time. The differences are already obvious when he flips one of them over.

After Gin easily jumps on the roof, his siblings try to do the same but fail.

Later on, they were seen again when Gin finds his owner, Daisuke and mother, Fuji. They just watched as Gin tells Fuji to take care of Daisuke.

Ginga Densetsu Anju To Jirōmaru

Neither of the siblings makes an appearance but it's mentioned that one of them is the parent of Yuki. It's unknown which one.

Ginga: The Last Wars

Neither of the siblings makes an appearance but Shion mentioned that he is grandson of one of Gin's siblings and his mother, Kinumaru is daughter of one of Gin's siblings and could be Yuki's sister or cousin, it's unknown which one.


  • The red one is known as Hiya-n/Hiyan and the white one is known as Giyan by some fans. These aren't their real names; they're just whimpering sounds the pups made when Gohē Takeda hits them with his cane (hyaan and gyan). These names are not official in any way.
  • The red one's forehead dots are a slightly different color from his underfur in the anime.
  • The red one in manga change it's face markings, with no dots and dots above the eyes.
  • The white one is the one most likely to be the father of Yuki and Kinumaru, since it has the same color as them.
  • Neither have a major role in the series, and they only appear in the first few chapters/episodes.