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Golvy is a pet dog bought by Mel's owners after abandoning Mel.

It's mentioned that they always wanted a Siberian Husky.


Golvy is very spoiled dog, thus he is only interested in himself and doesn't see any reason to help others nor care about their safety. As a pet dog, he starts to challenge other dogs if he thinks that they're trying to come into his territory. He is rather rude and selfish. He doesn't seem very smart either. Golvy mocked Hook until he found out his past as a wild dog and silently listened his story. He also told Weed to give up as he decided to face Blue, Ned and Bell and is impressed when the puppy leaves. He finally seems to respect Hook, but doesn't want to join the others, as he is a coward.

Ginga Densetsu Weed

Golvy lives in the neighbor of Hook. He encounters Weed and Lenny who were looking for Mel, he tells off rudely to them until Hook intervenes and offers some food. When Hook had decided to help Weed and Lenny fight against Blue, Ned and Bell, he refuses to help his neighbour (Hook) as he was afraid to fight. Golvy was not further mentioned again after Blue's death.