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Great is the leader of the second platoon in Riki's pack.


Great is a Great Dane.

In the anime, he is mainly a golden brown color with tan inside his ears, under his belly, and a streak down his head to his snout.

He is never colored in the manga, but it is assumed he is a light brown similar to the anime.


Great is extremely loyal and brave dog with great sense of justice, almost dying for his mission. He is quite smart and calm, rarely doing anything reckless and generally friendly. He says to Bemu that what is inside is more important than what is outside. He is bitter when he believes that he cannot face his true mission, starting to cry blood. Bemu is impressed by his bravery and loyalty.

Ginga: Nagareboshi Gin

Akakabuto Arc

After he is ordered by Riki to accompany Ben's and Smith's platoons to search for males, he follows Ben loyaly through the series. He has a role mainly as a minor character most of the time. When Ben's pack travels to Kasumi Peak to meet the Mastiff Moss, his son Jaguar is injured by Sniper and Hyena.  After Jaguar drags himself to the pack, Great is the one who cares for him. Great's most memorable moment is when Bemu challenges him to lay on a railway and wait for the train to come. The challenge is really a test for Great to see how brave and loyal he is. The dogs in his pack begin to panic and tell Great to move, but he refuses with stern dignity. But as the train is about to hit the platoon leader, Bemu jumps in and saves him. Great tells Bemu that his appearance doesn't matter and that the true value of the male comes from inside. Great appears in the final battle with Akakabuto.

Wolf Arc

He is in the battle against the soldiers of Reima and Gaia.

Ginga Densetsu Weed

Russian Arc

Great appears in the dream of a dying Moss. Along with other soldiers, including Riki, John, Terry, Bill, Smith, and Hyena. He welcomes Moss into afterlife.


  • Great's breed is mentioned in Shounen Jump, as shown in this tweet