Guzen Takakuwa

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Guzen Takakuwa was a Daimyo of a huge army.



Kacchū No Senshi Gamu

In Japan during the Sengoku period was mired in numerous internecine conflicts. Many noble daimyo were killed in the ongoing battles. For most clans, this was a great opportunity not only to demonstrate their strength, but also to expand their territory. Guzen Takakuwa was one of them. He gathered a huge army of five thousand soldiers and gradually began to seize foreign lands. Guzen clearly enjoyed his own power, as he often used the skulls of slain daimyo as vessels for fluid.

Once he decided to attack a weak opponent in the person of Harumasa Eda. He lined up his army at its borders, but was in no hurry to attack. Takakuwa had no doubts about victory, but one of his advisers said that Eda enjoys the support of a famous clan of armored dog warriors. Guzen only laughed at the advisor's warning and called the clan warriors ordinary monsters in pieces of iron. Then he did not even suspect that the three Ganins had long infiltrated his camp. One of them deceived most of the troops while the other set the whole camp on fire. The shocked Guzen did not immediately understand what was happening. He sent all his guards to the enemy spies, but they easily overpowered all the soldiers. The leader of the dogs, Gamu, slipped past the crowd of guards and held a blade to Takakuwa's throat. Guzen tried to shout to his soldiers, but they fell to the ground with terrible wounds. Then Gamu advised the commander to repent of his sins. Guzen made a desperate attempt to thrust his katana into his opponent, but the armored warrior jumped back, slicing the warlord's throat in the process. Thus, Takakuwa was beheaded and his entire army fled.