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Hajime is a minor character of Ginga Densetsu Weed: Orion with a short appearance. He is a member of Shinkichi's pack and is later Masamune Kurohabaki's subject who takes control over the Elder's pack in Fukushima.

Ginga Densetsu Weed: Orion

When Shinkichi Hanajiro and his pack killed the half of Heizō's family, he then ran after the escaping Heizō, Tyson and Orion. Heizō and his other living family members jumped in the flowing stream when they arrived in a dead end, while Orion decided to stay and face the enemy. He then started a fight with the leader Shinkichi Hanajiro, causing him to almost fall of the cliff. Their leader shouted for their help but Hajime and the other pack members decided to leave him behind.

When Orion, Heizō, Tyson, Izō and his brothers went to Fukushima, they found out that the Kurohabaki Clan tried to take control of the Elder's pack. Hajime and the other Kurohabaki Clan members then gave them the order to follow them as well if they want to live.

After the small group of the Kurohabaki Clan surrounded them, Hiroko and Heizō's mother switched sides, followed by the other members of the Elder's pack. After Hajime and his few other comrades realized that Izō and the others won't listen to them Hajime started to hesitate. Izō began to attack their leader Jirōta, killing him, while Orion attacks Hajime and bit in his nose. After that Hajime and one other living member fled and never came back.