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Hayato is a timid member of the Iga Clan. Hayato was one of Akame's servants.


He is a white-silver kishu-inu.


He isn't very brave, and is scared of fighting and death.

Ginga: Nagareboshi Gin

He swims through the water tunnel with three other Igas to get help, but Gin drags with them. They believe him to be a Kōga dog but realize he isn't when the real Kōga dogs appear. Hayato is very afraid of fighting and the Kōgas and the other Igas try to encourage him and remind him of the shinobi code. His brother commits a suicidal attack by drowning himself along with the opponent. Kirikaze tells Hayato to run for 150 to the sun. Crying, he does so, with a Kōga dog following him. They both fall into the pitfall trap and were impaled on the large spikes below.