Heizō's Mother

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Heizō's mother is a minor character of Ginga Densetsu Weed: Orion.

She is the mother of Heizō, Hiroko, Junpachi, Taichi and Yoshinao.

Ginga Densetsu Weed: Orion

A few months after the volcanic eruption, her family had Hanajiro Shinkichi's gang, when her mate tells her and children to escape. Heizō, Taichi and their mother arrive rapids and jump into the water without hesitation. But Hiroko is too scare, when Orion pushes her. Heizō's mother survived, but her mate died.

Her older sons Yoshinao and Junpachi were killed with her mate by Hanashiro Shinkichi's pack, while the whole was hunting in the Ou mountains. She, Heizō, Taichi and Hiroko flee to escape and saved by Orion's pack. Heizō departure of Orion's journey, emo, ie with Taichi and Hiroko and oldest herd. Jirōta Ishibuchi, Kurohabaki clan commander, however, came with a small army Fukushima. He killed the oldest and took command of the herd. Heizō, Tyson, Orion, and Izo and his brothers soon arrived at Fukushima, when Heizō's mother turned to Hiroko Kurohabaki with the support of her son. After Kurohabaki Clan defeat and the herd was freed. Miu, Denshichi and Shusaku were left to protect the Fukushima area.