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Hiroko is a minor character of Ginga Densetsu Weed: Orion.

She is the sister of Heizō, Junpachi, Taichi and Yoshinao and the only female of the litter.


Hiroko is timid but when she hears that her family has been avenged. She is internally grateful to the Ohu Army.

Ginga Densetsu Weed: Orion

When their small pack was attacked his father ordered Heizō, Taichi to escape and escort she and their mother back to the One-eyed Elder's pack, while he and his sons, Junpachi and Yoshinao, held them off.

While running away from the enemy pack the three come across a raging river. Their mother tells them to jump into the water to escape the enemy. Heizo, Tachi and their mother leap in, but Hiroko was too afraid. Orion gets frustrated with her fear, pushing her into the water. She survives.

After Heizō's departure of following Orion's journey, leaving their mother, Hiroko and Taichi with the oldest of the pack. Jirōta, the Kurohabaki Clan's commander, however, came with a small army to Fukushima. He killed the oldest and took command of the herd. Heizō, Tyson, Orion, and Izō and his brothers soon arrived at Fukushima, when Hiroko turned with her mother from Kurohabaki Clan support her brother. After Kurohabaki Clan defeat and the pack was freed. Miu, Denshichi and Shusaku were left to protect the Fukushima area.