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Hiroshi is a former soldier of Kamakiri along with Yūsuke and Yūji.

Ginga Densetsu Weed

After Hōgen's defeat, the trio went to the village of Higashinaruse in order to avoid the Ōu army. They pretended to be Ōu's soldiers and forced pet dogs to give them food. However, one pet dog called Jirō recognized them, as he had fought in the battle against Hōgen.The gang killed him slowly as a warning for others and started to guard the pet dogs to make sure they won't tell Ōu's army about them.

When Koyuki's little brother, Kotetsu, left to join the army, the gang started to track him and planned to kill him. Kotetsu met with Weed, so the gang decided to kill them both. Koyuki and Chako arrived to the fight scene and Chako ran away to tell Ōu's army about it. Yūsuke sent Hiroshi after her and he found her hiding next to a stream. Weed showed up right after that and pushed Hiroshi into the water. Weed ordered Hiroshi to leave and he did. He was never seen again.