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Hirota is a main character of Ginga Densetsu Noah.

He is the son of Munechika and his mate, and the brother of Miho.


Hirota is white with floppy ears.


He is hesitant and according to Kyōshirō because of it he can't make up his mind. And yet, shown to be resourceful and have fits of courage as he bravely tried to defend his mother and admires Ouu Army.

Ginga Densetsu Noah

Hirota was fishing in the river until he was spotted by Kyōshirō and Sasuke but quickly runs away but was found by two rough dogs who give him a beating because of his lack of food and yet, he was saved by the kishu. Afterwards thanks to them Hirota sees the two dogs that tried to punish him run off but was told to keep his mouth shut, he was introduced to Kyōshirō and Sasuke, but he told them to leave him alone because if Hirota didn't do what he was told then everyone would suffer. Hearing more friends come Hirota tells them to leave before they get killed but he was to see the incoming pack pay their respects to the white kishu instead, but upon hearing Kyōshirō wanting them to apologize for what they did to the young pup but Hirota clarified that he caught the fish for them and was told to go home which he does.

The next day, Hirota resumed fishing with his friends and afterwards found an effective what to carry them and head for home but was surprised that Kyoshiro and Sasuke were still following them but continued home. He comes across the kishu and his friends believing they were his bosses allies seeing them again he runs away despite Kyoshiro catching Hirota he bites him, leaving the kishu nerved if that's how he greets everyone and gets repaid but all he said is that he's bothering and not to worry about him. Then, the others come believing if he needs help they can offer help, soon Hirota hears his mother calling by talking to the adults he discovers they were talking to the Ouu Army, hears that Crow and his lackeys are gone but the pup and his village will be on their own if they come back.

Not wanting to endure Crow's bullying anymore Hirota comes crying to Kyoshiro and his friends begging them for help he explains what happened to Rocket, George and Kagetora. Hearing Kyoshiro's outburst, about the pup's father and friends being allies and not telling them sooner he apologizes calling the kishu uncle. With the news he tells his mother and everyone that the Ouu Army is really here, once the story was explained Hirota hears that they didn't know anything about the pup's father or friends but were aware that his mother sent his sister and grandfather to Ouu as messengers and them leave. Before leaving he hears Kyoshiro asking to clarify what he said early, Hirota said that he was catching fish to bring to Crow, but was surprised that the kishu and his friends pushed him out and leaves with his mother but not before being told to hold on which he agrees too.

He asked his mother and friends if Kyoshiro and the others were really the Ouu Army but she wasn't sure since they couldn't trust no one until his grandfather's returned, soon they saw Crow and his lackeys eating their food. From Crow, Hirota learns that he had a run in with the Ohu dogs and along with his mother realized they were for real. the next morning he ran into Weed and Jerome, and hears they are from Ouu like Kyoshiro and the others informing his friend who he ran into. With that Hirota returned to everyone letting them of the new visitors who had arrived believing that his grandfather and sister had made it to Fugato Pass which he confirms. But seeing Crow arrive, Hirota watches with horror as the big dog attack his mother sending her flying. Rushing to defend her Hirota calls Crow and his pack nothing but bullies refusing to them touch his mother but was told to flee and get to Ouu no matter what he but refused to leave her. He bravely tried to fight but was knocked out by Crow but soon wakes up to his mother's relief and to his surprise that the Ouu Army really came, explaining what Crow had done to them. He watches Weed make quick work of the big dog and right before the lackeys leave, they apologize to Hirota even though he understands their situation he couldn't forgive them and they flee. The young pup was praised by Kyoshiro for his maturity believing it was a good learning experience for him and that he'll be a great adult.

Knowing that Crow and his lackeys may come back, Hirota took Weed's offer to go to Ouu and meet up with his sister as soon as possible. So he and his village were escorted by George and Jerome, Hirota thanks Kyoshiro and his friends for what they had done calling the kishu nice as well as being told that as a male and Ou soldier he shouldn't cry anymore leaving for paradise.

Soon after hearing from the German Shepard brothers that Weed and his friends were in danger and that Aka-Ari Army were trying to take over their paradise, Gin takes the elders to rescue to them, Hirota wanted to go with them but was told to stay put as it was his job as a male to guard his family.


  • In some chapters and Panels his ears were drawn pointed instead of floppy. These were mistakes when these chapters were first published in the Weekly Manga Goraku.