Hirota's And Miho's Grandfather

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Hirota's And Miho's grandfather is a nameless minor character of Ginga Densetsu Noah.

He lived together with his family in the Akatsuchi Village.


Like his family he is pure white.


Like Hirota and Miho's mother, he is wary of strangers but loving and protective towards his family as well as humble in admitting his mistakes.

Ginga Densetsu Noah

Hirota and Miho's grandfather was living happily with his family until his son and friends to help the Ouu dogs during the war against Monsoon. While waiting for their return his village was bullied by Crow and his pack, needing to know about his son's whereabouts he left with Miho to the paradise of Ouu. On his way there he comes across Maru and Sunny believing that they and their friends are bad dogs trying to flee and protect his granddaughter, but was told by Unsai that they don't take pups away believing that the old dog has made a mistake. With just Unsai he didn't say much but wishes that they never saw them and tries to be on their way, but soon his sickness begins to take it's toll and apologizes to Miho about not being with her till the end no choice left he entrusts his granddaughter to Unsai's group telling to get her to the paradise of Ouu and was told by Kuro that he was only a day away from there. But he dies of his illness unaware that he gave the young pup to the Ouu Soldiers who buried him.