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Itō (jap. 伊藤) was a family of the Iga Clan.

Unlike the other families in Iga, the Itō family could train ganins, dogs that could use weapon. Even in the Kōga Clan there were ninjas with the same skill. The method has gone from father to son in a scroll with how to train.

Ginga Densetsu Akame

Year 1579 there were 4 known members of the Itō family.

They owned 4 ganins: Ōzaru, Kotobuki, Kuma, and Benimaru. Ōzaru and Kotobuki later got 5 pups, among them Hakutaka, who became the legendary ganin. The father Kihē and all dogs, except Kotobuki and Hakutaka, died in war. This story is connected to the main Ginga-series.


Year 1581 there was 2 known members, a father and a son.

With them there were 3 ganins, Akame, Kikumaru, and Takamaru. The father died and the son Kotarō lives on with the 3 ganins.

Ginga: Nagareboshi Gin

At the 1980's, the Itō family has already died out, but the ninja dogs are still living at the Iga Mansion. The dogs are still protecting the scrolls from the Kōga dogs. In the end, the current leader, Akame, burned down the mansion and the scrolls to put an end to the hostility.

Itō family techniques