Jūshirō Motegi

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Jūshirō Motegi

Jūshirō Motegi is a member of the Kagerō Clan, a servant of Lord Eda and under the command of Ryūgen.

Kacchū No Senshi Gamu

As Gama's soldiers attack Eda's village, Jūshirō is ordered to take Rando’s mother, Sayaka to safety. He then disappears from the story for quite a while.

Jūshirō re-appers after the death of the warlord Imagawa Yoshimoto. He heard that it was the Kagerō clan that defeated the lord and he went out together with Shiba to find lord Rando. They team up together and plan to defeat Gama. After the murder on Kansuke Yamamoto, Jūshirō disguises himself as the dead man and return to Gama to lure him in a trap. However, his cover is blown and he fights Gama and his minions together with Gamu. He stays loyal to Rando after the defeat of Gama.