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Jackal is a member of Moss's pack.

Ginga: Nagareboshi Gin


Jackal appears when Moss's group is captured by the dogs of Mutsu. While the dogs are angrily trying to escape the pit they are being held captive in, Jackal attempts to calm them down. Later, when Hyena is digging for water, Jackal tells him to stop in order to show the Four Heavenly Kings Of Mutsu that they can hold out. Jackal also offers his life to Moss when the latter decides to fight the Four Heavenly Kings Of Mutsu. He is thanked by Moss for his courage along with the other males, but Moss tells him and the others to save their lives for the Supreme Commander of Ōu.


Moss commanded him to check how many dogs were left behind on the way to Mutsu.


  • Jackal is confused to be Pochi in the anime by some fans.
  • Interestingly, no other dog in the series has ears like Jackal's.