Jinemon Kurohabaki

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Jinemon Kurohabaki is the last human leader of the Kurohabaki Clan.



Ginga Densetsu Weed: Orion

During the eruption of the volcano in Ohu, he finds many dogs from the Ohu army unconscious from the smoke and takes them one by one to a shed in the moutains where they can be safe. 

Years later, he encounters Masamune again and the dog tricks him onto the edge of a cliff, where he is pushed off and seemingly falls to his death. However, Jinemon was still alive and taken to hospital. He beings to recover well in the hospital and is visited by Masashige, whom he instantly recognizes. Upon meeting Hidetoshi and Daisuke, he gives them the key to the shed and enables the Ohu army to escape to freedom.