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Jirō is one of the dogs in Kyōshirō Shirogane's pack.


Jirō is a gray dog. It is unknown what breed he is


Jirō is hotheaded, and quick to anger, much like his pack leader. He doesn't hesitate to fight his enemies, a characteristic that sadly gets him killed

Ginga Densetsu Weed

Jirō was a member of Kyoshiro's pack. He greatly respected and looked up to his leader. Jirō along with the rest of Kyōshirō's pack, joined with the Ōu Army after Weed won Kyoshiro over. Jirō was present in the Kōga's hot spring when it was attacked by Sancho and his kin. Jiro charged at Sancho, but was killed almost immediately. GDW Anime Characters