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This article is about the character from GDATJ.
other variants: Jirōmaru from GDWJirōmaru from SSY

Jirōmaru is the protagonist of Ginga Densetsu Anju To Jirōmaru.

He is the son of Yuki and the second-born brother of Tarōmaru, Saburōmaru, and Koyuki.

He is related to Gin, Weed, and Orion.


Jirōmaru is a brindleless silver Akita Inu with blue eyes.


Jirōmaru is a strong and lively puppy. He is very fond of Anju and is very loyal to her. He is the most daring and decisive of his siblings.

Ginga Densetsu Anju To Jiromaru

Jirōmaru lives together with his mother, his siblings, and Anju and her grandfather. One day, Yuki and Yoshito Sawamura do not return. A few days later, Yuki hobbles home in bad shape. Before her death, Yuki tells Jirōmaru about the accident and Yoshito Sawamura's whereabouts. Jirōmaru is given permission to search Yoshito Sawamura and information about his family line (Jirōmaru's great grandfather was the legendary Bear Dog Riki). Jirōmaru leads the postman to the place where the accident occurred, and they find the body of Yoshito Sawamura.

At night Jirōmaru and his siblings are Anju's house when Yuki's body is buried. Then Anju's uncle, Shinjirō runs up and forces Anju to leave. Jirōmaru tries to defend Anju but the man throws him into a wall.

Shinjirō puts the puppies in a sack, but Jirōmaru manages to bite a hole in it and get out. He tells Tarōmaru to take care of Saburōmaru and Koyuki, and then runs after the car. Jirōmaru cannot keep up with the car and runs until his legs bleed, but eventually finds Shinjirō's house, where Anju is being held. Jirōmaru and Anju escape together.

Jirōmaru and Anju receive assistance from Anju's other uncle, Seisaburō. Seisaburō takes them back home to his car and together they go to the place where Anju's grandfather's accident occurred. They meet Jirōmaru's siblings and find a sack of gold. Then Shinjirō arrives with a gun and threatens Seisaburō and Anju. As Shinjiro fires his gun at Anju, Jirōmaru jumps between them. Jirōmaru takes the bullets and dies from his wounds as Anju holds him.

Later, a statue is erected to commemorate Jirōmaru which Anju visits even as the years pass.


  • Although Jirōmaru and his siblings are around the same age as Weed's puppies, at the end of the story his siblings are much older. This is a mistake on Yoshi's part, probably due to the fact that the dogs in GDATJ were not originally intended to be related to Gin and his family.
  • Some fans believe that the father of Jirōmaru and his siblings is a mix or a non-Nihon Ken, as Jirōmaru is a non-brindle yet silvergrey.