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Jirōta was a member of the Kōga Clan. He had served as Ōzaru's student at a time when the Iga and Kōga were still cooperating.


He's loyal to the Kōga Clan but he can be hesitant.

Ginga Densetsu Akame

When Kōga ally up with Nobukatsu Oda and attacking Iga, Jirōta lead to nine other ninja dogs to destroy the buildings. He and other Kōga ninja dogs torturing Sadamitsu, and Jirōta try to use Sadamitsu as hostage when Ōzaru arrive at the scene. However, Sadamitsu sacrifices himself by committing suicide, and Ōzaru wins easily against Jirōta and his subordinates. Ōzaru gives him the chance to attack but Jirōta hesitates and he misses. Ōzaru does not kill the Kōga ganin, but only strips them weapons.

A few years later Jirōta seen again among the other Kōga ganin, and killed Ōzaru's son Tomoyasu.