Jirōta (GDWO)

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Jirōta is a member of the Nokizaru Clan.


Jirōta is a loyal follower of Kenshin Nokizaru.

Ginga Densetsu Weed: Orion

Jirōta appears with Kenshin Nokizaru when Masamune Kurohabaki enters their land and asks Kenshin to follow him. When Kenshin assumes leadership of the pack Jirōta follows his leader. After they meet up with Masamune later to find he was injured by Tesshin, and Jirota follows Kenshin to a hot spring to heal. Then, he watches Masamune get attacked by Trigger but the ninja dog quickly kills him. He and a few of him pack members find Mateus. One of his follower arrive saying that Trigger attempted to assassinate Masamune. When he returned, Masamune scolded Mateus for what had happened, but forgave him when Mateus pleaded that he had nothing to do with the assassination attempt. Jirōta survives the final battle.