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Junnosuke is apart of Kamakiri's sons followers. His father was a Labrador Retriever.


Junnosuke is a Labrador Retriever mix with black and white fur with blue eyes.


He has a kind and gentle personality and he sees Sirius as a great ally and friend.

Ginga Densetsu Weed: Orion

He is one of five dogs, who arrived with Kamakiri's Sons take a look at destroyed Ou paradise. They find a lost Sirius and take him with him. Junnosuke provides powerless to carry Sirius.

Later, when the group has returned to Bingo, Sirius is forced to fight against Junnosuke's training in mind. Junnosuke remain outnumbered and his leg broken when Akakamakiri says he was useless and tells Sirius to kill him. Sirius refuses to obey, when Akakama beats him into a tree. Junnosuke starts to cry and thank Sirius for saving his life.

He and Sirius end up becoming friends. Together they trade positive messages with Yamabiko.

Ginga: The Last Wars

He seems to have joined Ohu, because he is one of the two dogs, who go to carry the messages between Nyūdōunsai Sanada and Sirius. He travels with Ohu after hearing that Monsoon and his bears are threating the dogs of Ohu.

He and the other dogs arrive by the river, only to see it overflowing and raging. He and other dogs help Kawasemi to find Ken, using his elite swimming skills to traverse the current.

After Ken is safe he follows the others in the battle against Monsoon.


  • His breed is mentioned in GDWO manga