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The Justice (ジャスティス) is an organization of the house dogs within a neighborhood, formed to look out for one another and their beloved human masters. They take great pride in the union between humans and dogs that has lasted over 10,000 years, and strive to protect it.

The unit has over 10 members, including:

  • Jodie - female Labrador-looking, golden colour
  • Lewis - male dalmatian-looking
  • Alexander - male little dog
  • Spindle - male Malamute/Husky-looking
  • Hulk - Pyreneese-looking
  • Big - male labrador-looking, black colour
  • Peter - male shepherd-looking

Mel No Tabidachi

When Jodie's family is captured by a pair of escaped criminals to be used as hostages, the Justice engage in a rescue operation. Mel goes with them, lending invaluable aid to their attack. After they deal with the pair of crooks, the Justice leave in a hurry before the police arrive.

Although Mel is a stray, the Justice dogs are impressed by his courage and determination to protect Jodie's family for her sake. They wished to recruit him as a member, but Mel graciously turned them down in favor of finding Weed in Ōu.


  • Hulk calls Jodie the Justice's Madonna when they are about to attack the Fugitives.