Kamakiri's Former Mate

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This unnamed female is a minor character of Ginga Densetsu Weed: Orion.

She is the former mate of Kamakiri and the mother of Akakamakiri, Kamajirō and Kurokamakiri.

When Akakamakiri, Kamajirō and Kurokamakiri were still pups, their mother was constantly abused by their father Kamakiri. One day, they separated from each other and she soon started a new life. She met her new mate and they lived happily together with their two sons, Jirō and Ichi.


She is very caring with Akakamakiri, though, back then, he had the same evil nature like his father Kamakiri.

Ginga Densetsu Weed: Orion

She was abused by her mate in front of her puppies and later on as Kamakiri got more violent, she ran away without taking her pups along. Eventually, she found another mate and had pups with him, becoming very happy in her family and raising her new children.

Whilst fishing with her children she sees her son, Akakamakiri, standing on top of a hill. The heartbroken dog sees her with a new family and turns to flee but falls down the hill, as he lands at the bottom. At first she believed he was here to kill her on Kamakiri's orders but tends to him telling her pup how much she worried about him. But seeing lash out at her she accepts her fate but wishes that her family be spared and yet was surprised that he walked away. Seeing Akakamakiri leave she asked him if his siblings and their father was doing well but was told that Kamakiri died fighting the Ouu Army and that she was free being told to enjoy life.

Later on, the new family come across a puppy alone and scared in the forest and agree to help her find her family. As they continue up the mountain, the pup is reunited with her family but in doing so the mother sees her sons, Akakama and Kurokama and tries to leave.

The two brothers notice her and give chase, but not to attack and instead leap on their mother and embrace her in a hug.