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Kihē Itō also known as Shiro Inukai, was Itō member of ninja. He was a Genin (jap.下忍), a low ninja.

He is the husband of Kaede Itō, and father of Ryōjun Itō and Taichi Itō.


Ginga Densetsu Akame

Kihē live in Iga with his wife Kaede and his two sons, Ryōjun and Taichi. The family also owns four adult dogs: Ōzaru, Kotobuki, Benimaru and Kuma.

In 1579, when Kotobuki get puppies, Kihē note among white puppy and threatens to leave it to starve to death, as the white coats of dogs is not considered appropriate for ninja. However, Taichi talking about him around and Kihē give his puppy his son's responsibility. Shortly after the birth of the puppies Ryōjun says his father saw the Kōga ninja dog in their area. Kihē to send his son to patrol the border with the province.

Kihē going to meet with high-ranking Iga Ninja, Tanba Momochi, to discuss Koga and Nobunaga Oda a possible union, and the impending attack Iga. Kihē notice eavesdrop Kōga ninja, and this manages to kill. After returning home Kihē finds that Ryōjun is not returned. He goes in search of him and sees the hide and seek Nobukatsu Oda's army. He then ran into the acquaintance, Kai Shimoyama, who wounded him in the stomach. Dying Kihē went down to the ground and Ryōjun soon became the scene with the dogs. Kihē told his son that take care of his mother and little brother, and also gave his consent on a white puppy, Hakutaka.