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Kirikaze was a member of the Iga Clan and a loyal follower of Akame.


Kirikaze is a solid white Kishu-inu.

In anime, he is more grey in color, and has lighter dots over his eyes. He has small pupils.


He seemed to be close with Jinnai and loyal to Akame.

Ginga: Nagareboshi Gin

Kirikaze was seen filling the tunnel with water in order to drown Gin whom he believed to be an ally of the Kōga Clan. Later, he goes with Jinnai, Akame and Gin to get healing herbs from the Kōga territory. When Akame stays alone to fight the enemy in order for the others to escape, he almost breaks the order as he doesn't want to leave his commander to die. After the death of Kurojaki and the Kōga dogs, the remaining Iga dogs, including Akame, Kirikaze and Jinnai joined Gin's pack. Unfortunately, Kirikaze didn't live to experience the final battle against Akakabuto as he was killed by the bear Madara when he tried to save Jinnai from his certain death.