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Kuma is an black Kishu and a member of the Iga Clan.



Ginga Densetsu Akame

Kuma is a close friend of Ōzaru. He fights alongside him in many battles and is trained to use a weapon as is his comrade.

When undercover, Ryōga kills Kuma's owner, he flees upon his owner's dying request with his blade, but is shot by two arrows by an unknown person. Kuma pulls one of the arrows out, but the other snaps as he tries, thus it remains in his leg. Kōga Clan investigate the noise but Kuma hides underwater and is left alone. When he comes out, he finds a mud puddle and rolls in it to cover his scent but is spotted by Izuna and surrounded by Kōga ganin. Izuna attacks Kuma, who manages to defend himself only to have his sword shattered in two by the opponent. Izuna sends in a fellow young Kōga to kill Kuma, but the young dog is quickly struck down by the snapped blade and his weapon is stolen by Kuma who uses it to fight once more. Izuna pins Kuma down and nearly kills him before Hakutaka and Ōzaru arrive to help. Kuma helps Hakutaka who has been pinned down by Izuna, but is stabbed in the chest by the Kōga. He survives the attack but is badly injured. In the end, for the injury, Kuma dies.