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Kurokishi is a warrior in the service of Gama.

Kacchū No Senshi Gamu

Gama sent his own soldiers to destroy the village of the Kagerō Clan. The attack was led by General Hayabusa and Kurokisishi on horseback. The warrior's armor was made of a special material that is invulnerable to katana blades. He easily cut through all the soldiers who tried to attack him. While Hayabusa was talking to Gamu, Kurokisishi rushed to the main mansion of the Ganin master. He was about to kill him, but Lord Ryūgen met him in full robes. Despite his own blindness, the master managed to reflect the blow of the warrior, after which he chopped him to pieces with his katana.


  • Kurokishi is not his name, it means "black knight". In Finnish translation he's called "musta ratsumies" ("black horseman").