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Lefty is a second-generation Ōu soldier. He was forced to join Hōgen along with Tommy and Rossy.



Ginga Densetsu Weed

Lefty was one of the dogs who helped John, Hiro, and Reika escape from Hōgen's base. When Lefty came into the shed where the injured Gin, John and Hiro were, he recognized them and started to shed tears, relieved that the leaders were alive after all, as he had heard that the rumours of the leaders were dead. After Lefty and his group broke John, Hiro, and Reika out, Hiro departed under John's words with Reika to look for Weed's group while Lefty, Tommy and Rossy were left with John to fight against Matsu's group. Despite the overpowering numbers, they fought bravely with John, as their fathers were Ōu soldiers. However, this failed as Matsu's pack outnumbered them. Lefty was the first to be pinned down by the enemy soldiers. Matsu mocked him by mentioning that he had switched sides two times already. Lefty told Matsu that his soul had always been beside Ōu's supreme commander and that he lived for something, unlike Matsu. Angered by this, Matsu ripped open Lefty's throat, killing him.