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Love is a hunting dog and brother of Bell, Paulie.

Ginga: The Last Wars

Love, Paulie, Bell, and two humans investigating Monsoon's devastation when they are noticed by Sirius and Shion. Sirius decided to warn them. Suddenly, Bell heard something and started running in the direction of the sound of the other hunting dogs as well as Sirius and Shion on their heels. The dogs ran straight to Monsoon and when Sirius arrived, Monsoon had wounded Love and stepped on him. Later, Gennai, Sirius, Shion, Akakamakiri, Rigel and others heard requests for help and found Paulie, whose front legs had been cut off. Just when the Ōu warriors arrived, he died. Gennai carried Paulie back to Bell and the hunters, where Bell asked where Love was.