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Masumi is late wife of Seinosuke Andō and owner of Chiyomaru.



Masumi was coming home from work one rainy night, when she finds a little Shiba mix puppy. She tried to lure it out, but the puppy was too scared. A man named Seinosuke Andō happen to drive by and offered to help her with the little dog. She falls in love with him and together, they adopt the Shiba mix and name him Chiyomaru. They open an Italian restaurant together and lived happy. Then Seinosuke started seeing another woman while still married, and Masumi overworked herself. She works so hard at her restaurant that she becomes ill. While on sickbed, she tells Chiyomaru to look after Seinosuke, and she wasn't even angry with her husband. Shortly after, she passes away.