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Mimi is the daughter of Toki and Mika. Presumably, she is their only puppy.

Lonely Ron

Mimi is part of a pack in Gunma Prefecture which was taken over by tyrannical Wolf.

Since she is still very young, she was likely born during the time of tyranny. A week ago, her mother Mika was taken away by Wolf's minions and she died while trying to escape.

Later, Mimi and her father meet Ron and Buru in the mountains. Toki orders her to follow the two to keep her safe while he himself goes to challenge Wolf. Mimi does as she was ordered to and tells Ron and Buru what has happened. Ron rushes to help Toki while Mimi stays with Buru in the village. Buru leaves to fight too and it's unknown where he left Mimi.

Mimi isn't seen again in the story but it's clear that she starts to live in peace, happily with her father after Wolf's death.


  • Mimi speaks in third person, likely as a way to make her appear childish and cute.
  • Some fans believe Mimi is a Kishu, but nothing is confirmed