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Mosa is a villainous main character of Ginga: Nagareboshi Gin in the Akakabuto Arc.

he was the commander of one of Akakabuto's fortresses. He had 4 servants.

Ginga: Nagareboshi Gin

Mosa was a bloodthirsty bear that lacked its right forelimb. The bear shocked many by killing villagers, forest workers and their dogs.

Mosa became one of Akakabuto's minions and his mission was to kill the enemy general during the war against the Ouu dogs. Mosa died when Ben and Gin circled a rope around the bear and then Benizakura took the rope and jumped into a pond, pulling the bear down with him. Benizakura tied the rope to a log so the bear wouldn't be able to come up for air, but his paw got caught in the rope and they both drowned.


  • He is the only bear that appeared in the opening that was not killed by Gin.