Mr. Aoshima

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Mr. Aoshima was Benizakura's trainer and owner, originally an owner of Aoshima.

Benizakura Hen

Mr. Aoshima is walking his self-named fighting dog when suddenly Aoshima attacks Kazuhiro Ishii's Jirokichi. Mr. Aoshima hits his head because of the sudden movement and is unable to stop his dog. Benizakura stops Aoshima and hits the bigger dog against a fence, saving Jirokichi. Aoshima was probably put down because of the wound and aggressiveness, while mr. Aoshima was sent to hospital. Kazuhiro and his father come to apologize but mister Aoshima tells them there is no reason to and tells them that Benizakura could be a good fighting. After getting better, mister Aoshima starts to train Benizakura with Kazuhiro, loving the dog's strength and sure of his future fame. Indeed, Benizakura quickly becomes a famous fighting dog but runs away in his urge to have a rematch against Tsunaarashi. Mr. Aoshima was likely very saddened by this and never saw the dog again.