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Mukonga is a main character of Ginga: Nagareboshi Gin in the Wolf Arc.

He is an army member of the Wolf Kingdom, acting as a Hakkenshi of Sirius, a Geki Warrior and the gatekeeper of the place. His technique will cause internal damage to his victims, damaging them from the inside out.


Mukonga is a gigantic Hokkaido Wolf with a mohawk similar to the Kōga dogs. He has a multi-slashed left eye and it's unknown how he got it.


Mukonga is a fearless and charismatic soldier. However he is cocky, and in the end, this was his downfall. He is very strong and skilled but believes too much in his own strength and technique. He even calls his opponents toys and fighting is playing for him. He is impressed and respects Ben after he defeats him. The same way, Ben respects him deeply.

Ginga: Nagareboshi Gin

Wolf Arc

Mukonga's hideout, that is close to entrance into the center of Reima's lair, has big piles of wolf skeletons and skulls, which he can use as weapons such as chewing and spitting bones. Mukonga is incredibly strong, defeating both Akame and Gin (though Akame manages to make him blind). Then, Mukonga fights another blind canine, Ben, and loses. Mukonga's technique caused internal change and slowly returned Ben's sight for a while. When Thunder Wolf attempted to reach the hideout, Mukonga defended the entrance. Mukonga and Thunder Wolf began to fight. Both were killed in battle, even though the Thunder Wolf was not the same fighting level as Mukonga.