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Munechika is a minor character of Ginga Densetsu Noah.

He is the father of Hirota and Miho and mate of their mother.


Like every other wild dog in Japan, Munechika heard of the stories about the legendary dogs of Ouu and admired them greatly. Upon hearing that the Ouu Army needed help during the great war against Monsoon he left with his friends to help but somehow ended up being caught by the Aka-Ari Army. And yet, held onto hope that the army would survive and seeing that his prayers had been answered he showed great bravery as he tried to rally the others to stand with the Ouu Army.

Like his son, Munechika was smart and clever, as he knew he wanted to get out of the iron paw of the Aka-Ari but realized it couldn't be done without help so he waited for his chance to strike.

Ginga Densetsu Noah

Back then, during the war against Monsoon, Munechika and his friends Hikaru, Jack and Tora wanted to join the Ōu Army to help them in the fight. But half a year after the war, they still didn't returned home. None of the Ōu Army remembers their names.

He watched the Ouu Army fight against the Aka-Ari Army, after hearing Orion's speech on how a male dog should fight to defend those they care about, he approaches WanWan asking if he was okay after seeing the huge dog's violent outburst. As the fight continued, he rushed to Kyoshiro's defense, attacking Beniou revealing that he was never their solider and felt great shame for helping them. Revealing to the Ouu Army where he and his friends came from and that they were caught by the Aka-Ari Army and was forced to work for them. At hearing his son's name he was surprised asking the pack how they knew him but Kyoshiro only says it's along story and it would have to wait aware that the legendary Ouu Army was alive he tried to rally others to their cause of stopping the Aka-Ari brothers.


  • There are two ways Munechika and his friends could've ended up with the Aka-Ari Army, he heard about the Ouu Army's war with Monsoon and wanted to help but during their travels they were caught by them or they did survive the fight and was caught by the army afterwards.