Nobushi Nokizaru

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Nobushi Nokizaru is a character of Ginga Densetsu Noah.

He is the the grandson of Shinzō Nokizaru, the son of Kenshin Nokizaru and the brother of Shikoro Nokizaru.


Nobushi is a spitting image of his father.


Like all the other dogs of Japan, Nobushi has heard of and respected the Ohu Army, grateful that they came to his pack's aid.

Ginga Densetsu Noah

He was with his Shikoro burying one of the pack members of the Aka-Ari clan aware that he was bad guy but felt ashamed for buried him. Then, was found by Weed and Rocket and were surprised they knew the male they were burying as well as telling them that Nokizaru territory belonged to the Aka-Ari corps advising they leave for their own safety trying not to befriend the Aka-Ari. Even though, Weed thanks them, Nobushi was asked if he was apart of the clan to which he answers yes but didn't respect them. Realizing their situation he advised them to leave, but upon hearing that Weed came to check on Kenshin's pack Nobushi was amazed that the Ouu Army had arrived. Crying tears of joy, he desperately wanted to know the truth about his father and from Weed Nobushi learned he and his army died in battle but played a part in their victory making Nobushi feel happy. When talking about the status of his pack Nobushi said that a few fought back while the others including them had submitted but the young ninja felt shame that he had to live like that.

He eagerly accepted Weed and Rocket as friends and was told to gather his pack so that the Ouu Army would help with their escape and that paradise was safe again. Upon gathering his pack, Nobushi saw that Weed was surrounded by Beniou and informing his remaining that Weed was scouting the area and told his grandfather not to act so hasty.


  • Similar to his father Kenshin, Nobushi and his brother could be a Saluki mix.