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"What's mine is mine, and what's yours is also mine!"

Orion is the protagonist of Ginga Densetsu Weed: Orion and Ginga: The Last Wars. He also got a role as a main character in Ginga: The First Wars.

He is a high ranked member of the Ōu Army. Just like his siblings, he is named by Gin's former owner, Daisuke.

He is the great-great-grandson of Shiro and Yamabuki, the great-grandson of Riki and Fuji, the grandson of Gin and Sakura, the son of Weed and Koyuki, the nephew of Joe, Kotetsu and Yukimura, the second-born brother of Bellatrix, Rigel and Sirius, the cousin of Kōshirō and the second-cousin of Shion.


Orion is a red Akita/Kishu mix with blue eyes, resembling his uncle Yukimura and great-grandfather Riki.

Later on in the series, he begins sporting small, cross-shaped scars over his body.


Despite being one of Weed's sons, Orion has a selfish attitude and a foul mouth, he even calls Cross an "old hag", to her horror. He is the rudest and loudest of his siblings. However he also looks up to his uncle Joe. Orion may be rude, but he is smart and strong. He is violent and impulsive, he also has a strong sense of justice. He seems to get hot-headed when fighting, and Orion was willing wanting to see Masamune die in front of him for Izō's family, and not for the honor of the Ou army.

Orion's behavior is a combination of his own personality and the teachings others. His uncle Joe taught him that he must never surrender in front of the enemy, and Izō taught him that enemies do not deserve pity when they can kill without mercy. Also to the fact that he had inherited Riki's strictness and his uncle's stubbornness.

Even though he is selfish and stubborn Orion really does care about his family. In GDW: Orion, when an earthquake happens in Ohu, he dives in to save Sirius, he cries tears of joy seeing that his parents and Bella are safe and when he has a reunion with Sirius and Rigel. When he sees his grandfather in need of help, Orion stops his fight with Masamune to save him.

In the Last Wars, it appears Orion is jealous of his older and younger brothers, Sirius and Rigel. He thought that he still acts like a puppy because he believes that he would never gain his father's or grandfather's respect because of how obnoxious he is to the rest of the cast at times.

His caring trait is still there in The Last Wars, he doesn't wish to hurt anyone in his family and he affectionately calls Sirius bro. He also wishes to avenge his family and comrades' defeat at the hands of the bears.

He even has a bit of a bad habit of thinking that the worst has already happened. His views on the situation to fight the bears puts him opposite of his brother Sirius's views to make peace with them. Due to his youth he lets fits of sadness and anger control him. Even though, his heart is righteous Orion sometimes has a cruel mind. He even admits that he doesn't have a big forgiving heart like Sirius.

With everything Orion has been through, he starting to mature into a young adult utilizing everything that he has learned into his source of power. Even though, Orion is starting to grow into a mature adult but with everyone else out of commission. He feels a heavy responsibility of being the temporary pack leader. Like his uncle Joe he is a man of his word.

When level-headed, Orion is more calm, patient and inspiring towards others.

Despite having grown up as a wild dog his whole life, Orion does have a soft spot for one human in particular and that's Daisuke. Even though, he had a habit of biting him as a puppy Orion like his siblings does appreciate Daisuke's help when they need it showing his trust in his grandfather's owner. Ever since Daisuke has been watching over Orion and his family, Orion considers him as his family's godfather.

Ginga Densetsu Weed

Orion makes a minor appearance in the end of the series, as he is born as the second oldest son of Weed and Koyuki.

When Hidetoshi returns to finds Jerome as well as Weed's pups. Orion turns aggressive, growls, bites at him, and even takes his shoe. 

Orion is named by Daisuke after he sees the puppy looking at the stars of the night sky.

Ginga Densetsu Weed: Orion

The Natural Disaster

In the beginning, Orion, along with his siblings, came down to a river to see Daisuke and Hidetoshi. They offer fish to Orion and his siblings, which Orion swallowed whole. Afterwards, his parents, Weed and Koyuki, called him back home. That night, Orion decided to get Sirius, Bellatrix and Rigel out to search for river crabs.

So Joe and Sasuke are assigned to look after them. But when the volcanic disaster occurred, seeing his brother frozen with fear Orion dives in save him. After the eruption, Joe and Sasuke find the red dog still digging they pull him out to see Orion still onto Sirius. As the eruption gets worse Orion gets scared and runs in the opposite direction with Joe after him. Then, the two fell down a deep crevasse, which went into a river his uncle told to be brave and strong as he wished for desire to see his family again. Later on in the story, Orion then finds Heizō and his family fighting off a local dog pack. He quickly charged in and attack the dogs, giving Heizō and his family time to escape.

At the river, Orion saw one of Heizō family members, Hiroko is still on the bank, and is too scared to go in the river. Frustrated, he pushes her in saying he will meet them soon as he was floating in the river he began to think about his siblings, then Orion was found in a shallow part of the river. There he was rescued by one of the One-Eyed Elder's pack members.

However, he attacks out of confusion. After recovering, the Elder tells him that he reminds him of the legendary dog Riki. He then asks who his parents are, and Orion tells him that it is Weed and Koyuki. Shocked, the pack bows before him. Orion then decides to go find his family. That's when he hears of the Kuroabaki clan and that they had taken over Ohu.

Despite the warning, Orion goes anyway, but tells the Elder that he will be cautious on his way. After the fight, Orion was found passed out, luckily recovering quickly. He then said that he killed the dogs in revenge for Heizō's family. They told him about the Kurohabaki clan. Before he left, Heizo and his friend,Tyson, were sent to assist if he got into trouble.

The Kurohabaki Clan

While searching for his family, Orion got attacked by Ryō and his pack. He was just about to get killed when Heizo jumps in and gores Ryo's eye. While the pack was distracted, Tyson escorted Orion to a safe location. After the fight, Orion has Heizo and Tyson now in his group.

Later on, Orion, Tyson, and Heizo stumble across Yamabiko fighting other dogs. He decides to go help the Kai-Ken pup, despite the promise he made to Chōrō. Before his friends can help, he had already won the fight. For saving him, Yamabiko joins Orion's pack.

Then while they were traveling through a forest, Orion is finally reunited with Sasuke. Orion still wants to find his parents, but Sasuke insists on Orion staying with him. Orion agrees and the two go back together but not before Izō knocks him out. When he comes too he finds himself surrounded by friends and a quick reunion with his sister Bella. As they were discussing on what to do about the Kurohabaki clan, Sasuke tells him he couldn't find their brothers anywhere which leaves him to cry in tears. Later on, as he was leaving to find the clan's leader Orion, Izō and his brothers managed to find his mate, children and father all dead.

Orion follows Izō until they all collapse in the snow, he expresses his graduate to him and gives Izō a hug. Sometime later, Orion wakes up finding himself surrounded by Tyson and Heizo and surprised to find Izō and his brothers gone and leaves to find them.

While searching he comes across a cliff and jumps over with ease, then he finds Izō and his brothers fighting some of the Kurohabaki clan members. When he sees Izō in trouble he goes and attacks Masashige and his pack. Orion fought fiercely, when their leader, Masamune Kurohabaki, stood on top of the mountain. He charged at him several times, each time getting knocked off with one swipe of Masamune Kurohabaki's paw. When Orion finally did bite him, he got slammed on the ground, toppling down the side of the mountain.

He was about to get killed when Izō, who was with him at this point, grabbed him and, along with the other ohu soldiers, escaped. However, from the Ohu soldiers howling, an avalanche started, anguishing Orion and all his friends.

The Battōga

After the avalanche, Orion manages to dig out of the snow. His friends also dug out. Then he try's to dig out the rest. Afterwards, his pack ends up surrounded by Masashige's pack. He manages to fight them off, only to discover One-Eyed Elder killed. Orion buried him and went on his way.

Later on, he manages to find Sasuke (who wasn't with him during the fight), with one of his father's soldiers, Tesshin. He told Orion that he was going to teach him a new technique that he taught to his father, Weed. Orion watched as Tesshin and his pack showed him what to do it. He manages to get it on the first try, and better than Tesshin or his other pack members.

That night, however, Orion still trained hard on the Battouga, knowing for some reason that the enemy is still out there. While he was training, Tesshin went to check on him. But he used the Battouga on him thinking he was Masamune. Luckily he stopped right before he got to him. 

The next day, he stumbled across a giant oak tree. He looked around and noticed dogs up in the tree. He asked for some help, but instead they called their chief, and he leaped out and attacked him. Orion was pinned down and escaped him and bite him on the head. Then he later hears about the chief being in the final battle with Akakabuto. After that, he apologizes for the inconvenience and left.

One member of the Kurohabaki clan, Bon, ends up finding him. Bon tricks him by saying he will lead him to his father's "lair". Unfortunately, he has to swim underwater to get in. Bon also told him that he can only come. The two puppies swam down.

Bon makes it, Orion gets saved from drowning by Izō (who secretly followed them). A short time later, Mateus spores and attacks Orion and Izō. They manage to escape when one of Mateus's packs told him they captured Orion's friends.

Now, Orion was being chased by the troops, along with Blanca's platoon. At one point, his baby-sitter, Sasuke, trips and was grabbed by Blanca. In order to save him, Orion uses the famous Zetsu Tenrō Battōga on Blanca. Though the wounds received by Blanca were terrible, he survived Orion's Battōga. Afterwards, Orion and Izō escape with Sasuke.

Ōu Army's Release

Orion and Izō meet up with remaining members of the Ouu army to discuss the threat of the Kurohabaki Clan. After travelling around with them, he encounters Blanca and discovers he is still alive, chasing him towards a waterfall and attempting to kill him for his crimes.

When the two dogs fall over the waterfall, Blanca manages to escape (but is soon killed by Gennai). Orion nearly drowns, but is saved by Samu and Toshimitsu, who saw him jump over the waterfall and went in to save him.

Orion travels back with them to the Ouu army, only to be shortly ambushed by Kōsetsu, Kurokirimaru and Tsumuji. The dogs fight during a heavy storm which causes a large flood to come crashing down upon them. Orion clings for his life on a large tree that has been washed away with the flood and survives by getting stuck in a tree when the water stops flowing.

Kōsetsu, who also clung to the tree, wakes Orion up to combat him but the fight is interrupted by Kenshin, who also fights Orion. The two dogs break up the fight in the end and leave when Orion is rescued.

The remaining Ōu army is let back out into the wild and Orion is reunited with his brothers and grandfather. Gin takes them down to the village to see Weed and Koyuki, as Orion digs his way through the fence to see them before returning to the mountains. When Weed escapes and returns to them, Orion is angered when he chooses Sirius instead of him to scout out the location of Masamune, and mouths off to his followers. 

The Final Battle

Gin teaches Orion a lesson by threatening to throw him off the cliff, telling him to be more grown up like Weed and he must be mature as he is part of the Ouu army now. Orion takes this message into heart and stays at the Cliffside with the younger dogs until he sees Masamune climbing up the other side to reach them.

Orion leaps to the other side of the cliff to confront him but stops when he sees Andy attack him instead. Masamune flings Andy into the river below which causes Orion to seethe with anger and sadness, charging at Masamune to finish him off. Orion misses as Masamune pulls his head back and the puppy falls into the river.

Soon Gin notices Orion fighting Masamune, who climbed up the cliff to reach them, he leaps into action to save his grandson. Falling with Masamune into the river below, Orion sees Gin and Masamune fight as his grandfather keeps his grip on on the clan leader but Gin gets his head bashed on a rock under the water, similar to Joe. Orion notices this and forgets about Masamune to save Gin, successfully carrying him to safety. Gin cries tears of joy as he sees his grandson behaving like a true male should.

He manages to climb back out safely enough and make his way back to the cliff top where he bears witness to Masamune nearly killing Yamabiko. In a rage, Orion tries to kill Masamune with his Battouga but fails as it is not strong enough.

Weed tells Orion to stop fighting but the young puppy does not listen and attacks again, only to be stopped by his father. Weed tells Orion to leave if he cannot understand the value of life and Orion leaves in a rage. He is stopped by Andy and Akakama, the Irish hound asks Orion to join his gang. Then, Izō asks Orion if he could come with him to be the pup's guardian however, and the red akita turns to see his Battouga actually almost killed Masamune, but the dog instead chose to commit suicide rather than die by Orion's attack.

After Masamune's death, Orion follows Weed in search of Rocket and finds that he is alright but the two fall into the river and meet up with Gennai, Kawasemi and the other soldiers. When Unsai and Cross meet again Orion and Sirius hear the love story of Ben, Cross and Unsai.

Previous disputes seems to be forgotten entirely, and Orion went off to investigate the ravens that accumulate along with Sirius, Rigel, Yamabiko, Bon and Andy with. They find Kojūro's body and bury it. Kōsetsu arrives with a few subordinates and begins with a brief battle, which is interrupted when Gennai enters the scene. Tenka enters the scene and tries to hypnotize Orion and his father, but fails and leaves. The Ou army gathers around the rock, and will meet Daisuke, Hidetoshi and Jinemon Kurohabaki. Orion biting Daisuke's hand. Ōu army had left Orion to remember that his sister is still at Iga. He would like to leave to pick up her sister, but at the same time Bellatrix arrives the scene Kamakiri's boys' maternal family.

Ōu's last spring, first, that Orion has experienced arrives.

Ginga: The Last Wars

Orion is at the Akame mountains with his siblings, training in the ninja dogs grounds with other young dogs. Sasuke arrives to greet Orion, who is also welcomed by Andy, Yamabiko and Bon, as it has been six months since they last met. Orion has been practicing a new technique which he shows off to the dogs, much to their amazement.

Shortly after he demonstrates his new technique, his brothers arrive with Sasuke. Greeting them, he is also met by Andy, Yamabiko and Bon and his friends share a friendly reunion. Whilst walking down a path in the mountain, they hear a loud howl coming from a short distance away, and look up to see a badly injured Akame fall down a hill nearby.

Orion recognizes him immediately and is given the message that Ou has fallen because of Monsoon, and that the remaining members need help. Leaving Akame in the care of Koyuki and Bellatrix, Orion heads off his with group to help Ou.

Orion sends Sirius ahead with a message for Unsai and Kenshin, and after it is successfully delivered, he catches up to his brother who has rallied the armies and runs off with a large group.

Orion, Andy and Bon arrive in Ou, running straight past Unsai and into Monsoon. Orion manages to scratch Monsoon on the nose and make an escape as Monsoon flees. Before Orion can do anything else, Unsai tackles him and sits on him to pin him down before biting his throat and throwing him to the ground. Andy and Bon try to encourage Unsai's comrade, Tsubakuro to stop him but he refuses. Orion counterattacks Unsai and kicks him away, but as he tries to deal another blow, he is grasped by the older dog and thrown into a tree, knocking him out. As Unsai leaves, he tells Andy and Bon to take care of him.

Later that night, Bon and Andy are walking through the forest with Orion on Bon's back. Orion begins to awaken and is put down on the grass. When he finally sits up, Andy and Bon stay back as they notice him crying. Orion quickly composes himself and the three head off into the forest.

Orion finds his brothers and runs into Unsai, who is carrying the dead body of his close friend Kenshin. Orion says he didn't want to wait to fight Monsoon which is why he is here, but Unsai scolds him for saying that in front of those who died and the group go towards the prison to find the dogs have already escaped. Orion helps carry the wounded dogs along with his brothers and Gennai's group to a safer place.

Sometime later, a flood causes a wounded Ken to be washed into a river and the Ou army go to the location to find and save him. They each keep a watchful eye on the raging river, as Kawasemi dives in to find him.

After Ken is saved, Orion heads with the others to find Monsoon and begin the attack.

Orion yells at Izo get out of way and don't do anything stupid. He save Izo from Monsoon and tell him to give him sickle and should go but Izo tell Orion and Sirius that he can't leave him with sickle and there's plenty of old guys who have to die. He tell Izo that he're working his body too hard. His brother, Sirius tell them that they should be healing Monsoon's wound before they hurt him and Orion ask him why he saying that again. Orion and Andy tell Gennai that he can't treat them like kids forever. Gennai tell them don't rush in without plan and that why he called them brats. Orion tell him to let him have sickle and Gennai tell him to shut up and he's going to take Monsoon out. 

After Gennai fell unconscious, Orion said that they've gotta get the sickle out of his flank and leave it to him. Andy tell Orion that's crazy talk and he'll do it.

Orion tell Gennai to heads up from Monsoon. Orion tell Monsoon that he's over here and ask him can he only fight with injuried dogs. Orion ask Sirius if he's serious when he runs away and calls Unsai after he got hit by Monsoon's claw. He tells Sirius that it is his fault and ask Bon if he's okay to which he is.

Orion ask Sirius why he toss sickle, they needed it. He tell him that he's exposed if he don't want to fight and he should get out of way. Sirius tells him be quiet and give him five minutes. He yells at Sirius to forget about it and ask him if Monsoon can hear Sirius out.

Monsoon chases Orion and leaps over the dog's corpse before he went in the woods. He planned to regain his composure by entering the woods and figured the standing trees would put stop to Monsoon's rampage. Monsoon tried attack Orion and he kept moving. He yells at Monsoon that he took him lightly, cause he's still alive. He tells Sirius to leave and explains that when Monsoon comes out of the woods, he gonna use that technique to settle it. Sirius ask him if he talking about the Battouga and it's impossible as that move can't possibly have any effect on Monsoon. Orion charges at Monsoon and tell everyone this is where it ends and if his move doesn't work, then he'll just die trying. 

Sure enough, the battouga has no effect, and the force of hitting Monsoon causes Orion to pass out. Then his carried to safety by Yamabiko, then the army began to hear gunshots coming from Daisuke and his mentor. Just as Orion awoke he told his comrades to go after the fleeing bears but he couldn't move, after that everyone felt great relief. Except for Orion who felt bitter defeat as tears ran down his face.

Orion still wanted to chase Monsoon and his bears, but was still a little weak from using the battouga. He was told by his brother to think of a new plan, but Orion was still angry at Sirius for what he did and still believing that Monsoon could change. Then, he began to see Daisuke while Sirius and Rigel ran towards him to say hello, Orion stays beside Unsai noticing that he collapsed and the red akita tried to ease the lord's tension.

After seeing that Unsai was in the care of humans, Orion left with Bon, Yamabiko and Andy to follow Akame after the bears. After hearing from Kurotora that Monsoon is afraid of humans, when they run out of the forest he meets his brothers and their cousin Zion. Upon seeing his older brother he was skeptical about Sirius's sense of justice, he wanted Akame to stop twisting up his words so the Kishu could keep defending his brother and that Sirius was also being a pain. Orion also reminded them that Unsai, their father, grandfather and their comrades only getting injured and killed but also eaten with tears in his eyes.

When Sirius tried to comfort him, Orion's anger went passed his limit and said words that put both him and Sirius on the path of separation. Believing that Akame was right about Sirius insulting the old soldiers of the Ohu Army, he wanted his brother apologize.

Even after listening to Sirius explain the story of Monsoon's hatred, Orion asked him what's he going to do; he is a dog, right up to the point of asking Sirius is he just going to become food for the bears he's trying to stick up for. Tired of Sirius always talking his way out of fighting against Monsoon, Orion wanted to see if he had the guts to back up all the talking he's been doing. Just as, Sirius and Orion were about to clash at each other until they were both stopped by Andy.

Even though, the fight between Orion and his brother Sirius was broken up by Andy the opposing views still placed a gap between them. Then, he saw Akame collapsed from exhaustion and was told by the kishu to take the sickle. When Sirius tries to take it he gets pinned by Rigel and with that Orion calls it the last straw, to everyone's shock he disowns Sirius as his brother and takes the weapon.

Giving into his anger Andy, asked him if Orion really meant that saying that a brother like Sirius doesn't need sympathy. He ask Sirius about which lives matter more their friends or the bears having had enough he gets so angry that he came close to striking Sirius with the sickle. But Orion was stopped by Rigel, he is told by the black akita that he will protect Sirius if he dares to attack.

So Orion tells him how could he possibly get along with them and then asks Rigel if he's just like his brother, he won't go easy on him either. Rigel quickly says no and that Orion can't hurt Sirius just because he thinks differently the red akita says he doesn't want to hurt Sirius either. Then, he tells Rigel that he wasn't pointing the weapon towards him but he's getting tired of Sirius standing up for the bears. Akame tells him that he can't mistake Sirius for an enemy.

Seeing that Akame is suffering and everyone's depending on the weapon, Orion still can't see why Sirius doesn't get it that the bears must be taken down. Surrendering to his anger, Orion throws the sickle and tells Sirius to take it he also says he's breaking the chains of revenge.

Orion and the others, decide that Sirius is a lost cause and then they begin to hear the arrival of the Pet Dog Squad and the hunters. Then, he sees his brother run up to the bears telling them to run before they get killed.

Wondering what Sirius was trying to do, he hears him asking for Shion to come up but he tells him not to go. Orion is ask by him, if he was responsible for Shion not coming, then hears Sirius say he's not capable of being a leader. Then, he sees Sirius crying and with horror he watches his brother almost get struck by Monsoon's Kin until they were struck by the hunters with their arrival Andy told him we don't have to do anything but was worried that Sirius was still up there. After the ordeal was over Orion rushes over to him along with Bon, Andy and Yamabiko to discover he's fine but the gap between them is still there.

After all of Monsoon's Kin are killed, Daisuke asks Orion if he remembers him and he does, even considering Daisuke as their godfather. Even though, Monsoon's Kin were defeated he knows the war isn't over because Monsoon is still alive then, he hears his comrades howling for victory giving into his anger he tells them to cut out the victory cries and says they won't rest until Monsoon is dead. Then, Orion's attention is turned to Sirius telling him to quit getting everyone rattled up and the silver akita says this useless battle is over. Shocked at what Sirius said Orion says that they've haven't lost yet and no dog in this army takes losing for an answer and he even asks Sirius when did he become so gutless.

Andy tries to break up the fight, then he begins to suspect that Andy is siding with Sirius too until Akame stopped the fighting. Shocked to see Akame stand up, the kishu tells them not to get irritated because that's what Monsoon wants and he is asked by Akame what should they do now seeing that they are in no condition to fight. Orion looked at Akame as he wanted to test the young pup's leadership skills and he says that we will wait until everyone's recovered. But Akame didn't to want to hear what Orion said he asked for his judgement, the red akita declared that they have to wait and that Monsoon wouldn't be allowed to live.

Then Orion and the others gather around Akame telling Andy and Yamabiko to support him just before the kishu could finish what he was saying Orion watches with great shock as Akame collapses to the ground.  

He tells Sirius to burn what happened to Akame into his memory, even with that he still believes that Sirius is on Monsoon's side. Orion says they will search every corner of the earth and slaughter Monsoon with everyone agreeing, as the red akita listens to Akame talking to Sirius, he tells his brother to stop giving them excuses but is silenced by the kishu. They all begin to wonder what Akame said to Sirius, he asks himself why Akame picked his brother instead of him, Akame collapses for the final time expressing worry among the dogs. Orion watches as Daisuke and Hidetoshi revive Akame but needs treatment badly and takes him away. As he watches Daisuke take Akame away he tells their godfather to take good care of him.  

He is alerted by Gennai that Sirius and Shion going after Monsoon, he tells Rigel to come here and tell their brother to come back. But Orion gets told by Rigel that Sirius is different from personality wise and growing up as he watches his brother Sirius and cousin Shion leave. He calls his brother stupid and nothing but a bleeding heart until he was calmed down by Rocket saying that Sirius is an adult now and he's doing what he believes in despite being reckless. Now as his brother keeps going, Orion is starting to consider Sirius a deserter.  

Then, Orion and Tesshin return to Kurotora's group explaining that Monsoon's Kin is dead and Monsoon himself has escaped and it was thanks to the hunters help. When Kurotora asks what they are going to do now, he says he'll never forgive Monsoon for what he did and they'll chase and punish him anywhere no matter what it takes.  

Some time later Orion watches from a nearby hillside with his brother Rigel and their comrades as Daisuke and the people of the village bury their fallen allies and pays their respects. Even with a moment of peace Orion's vengeful thoughts against Monsoon hadn't fainted. Daisuke comes with food for them as a reward and Rigel thinks that it's a good idea that everyone should eat and those that are injured should eat first with Orion agreeing.

After that he sees the Pet Dog Squad leave and Orion thanks them for their help and wishes them a safe journey home. The Squad tells Orion they'll always be on the side of the Ohu Army with the red akita seeing them as thoughtful, but Orion's happiness turns into regret and anger. He begins to consider that he should apologize to everyone but Kawamesi tells him that Orion doesn't need to apologize since everyone had the same intentions. Orion knows that but he begins to feel sadness and anger at the same time and began to fear he was losing his mind but Rocket tells Orion that he is becoming of age and can't hold back his emotions anymore.  

Kyoshiro figures out that Orion is so sad and angry because Monsoon is still alive and tells his friend not to put so much stress on himself. Even though, his brother Sirius opposes to killing Monsoon the kishu tells Orion if they take the bear down they'll present him to Sirius. But, Orion tells Kyoshiro he can do whatever he wants and he tells the others that he made a promise to Akame saying they won't have anymore fights until everyone is healed.  

As the days pass by he and Rigel meet with Daisuke as he comes to treat the dogs that couldn't be housed. Then, the two are brought by Daisuke to see their father Weed in the barn, making a good recovery and happy to see him. They tell them that Sirius is fine and that he has nothing to worry about.  

Orion informs their father that they got help from Hidetoshi and the hunters to take down the bears but Monsoon is still alive and he tried to apologize for that. But Weed says that he is the one to blame for leaving the line of battle and informs the pups that Akame is alive; their grandfather is at Daisuke's house. Then, their attention is turned to Akame saying that he can't die until the pups have grown into full fledged adults.  

But the red akita wants him to stop treating them like little kids but Akame says they have grown in body but not in the mind. And when they inform Akame what's been going on, he also comments on Sirius naivety and that he doesn't care anymore; Sirius has even surprised everyone. Unsai calls Orion out for being a fool but the pup is glad to see Unsai alive and yet doesn't want to rest until Monsoon has gone down to the underworld. However, Orion says they can't use him in his condition and leave everything to them, but Unsai informs them that he has to stop Sirius before him makes a terrible mistake to which he can agree too.  

Then, Daisuke takes them to his house to see their grandfather Gin; they are introduced to Daisuke's father and they start to pick up their granddad's scent and rush inside Daisuke's house and they are glad to see him alive. Orion ask their grandfather if he can see again to which he can.  

Orion tells his grandfather that Sirius went after Monsoon with their cousin Shion and that his brother also believes that they should give up their revenge and become friends but Orion still thinks that Sirius doesn't know what he's talking about. But he says that he stayed because he promised Akame that they wouldn't go after Monsoon until everyone's healed and since Akame nor Unsai couldn't lead Orion had to take over and that as a leader he must act responsibly. He fears that the Sirius will put everyone in danger and Gin tells Orion that he made the right choice and thanks his grandfather for it.  

He hears his grandfather say that he understands that Orion is feeling pain but they should be more worried about Sirius seeing that their brother's mind is the problem. The red akita also tells Gin that Sirius's kindness doesn't make any sense no matter how bad an enemy is, he'll always believe they'll have a conscience and believes at this rate he'll be killed. Orion is told by their grandfather that he'll handle this and he hears from Daisuke that once everyone is healed they could go back home and seeing that their friends need them Daisuke offers to take them home.  

Next, they notice their grandfather trying to stand up and tell him that he shouldn't stand in his condition but once he's up; Orion asks where are they going. Orion left with Rigel and their grandfather to stop Sirius and find their comrades following the path Cross took and come across Tesshin surprised to hear him say words of despair until the Koga loses conscious. Orion asks Gin what's going on and if Tesshin is dead but sees that he isn't moving; when Rigel returns with help Orion tells him that it's too late crying in tears.  

Then, he sees Daisuke carry Tesshin away for treatment and holds on to hope that Tesshin has a chance to live and reunited with Ken, Cross, Maru and Sunny. While walking back to the others Gin informs the group of Hiro, Lydia, Kenshin, his group and others passing. They group together and sleep the night away until Orion wakes up and sees Akakama and his brother leaving thinking they'd be back but the red akita is woken up by Andy who needs to have a talk.  

Orion, Bon, Yamabiko and Andy leave to sees that the brothers left after Sirius and didn't expect the two brothers to such strong morals obligations. Seeing that they have no choice Andy and the others go after them but Orion refuses because of his promise and says he's not selfish like his brother understanding their friend's situation Andy tells him that's why he can't come. Shocked that his friends went without him; Yamabiko tells him not to move as he sees them go Orion asks aren't they all the same and Andy agrees that they are saying that their intentions will always be the same no matter what.  

But the red akita says that's not good enough and wants them to quit acting selfish and demands that he goes with them but Yamabiko tells his friend to quit acting like a brat understanding that he has a more important role seeing his friends go.  

Then, he meets with Bob who praises him for being smart and staying put, but he asks him if he's thinking of leaving too however the dog says he has nowhere to go and Orion tells him it's alright and no one would make him leave. He sees his brother Rigel and Rocket asking them where did Andy and the others go if though Orion tries to cover it up but the black akita quickly figures it out and gets asked by Rigel if he told them to go. But, Orion said he didn't and gets asked why didn't he stop them; his younger brother chews Orion out for his arrogance and he angrily tells Rigel that he wanted to go with everyone but barely could stop himself.  

He still remembers Akame's words and decided to stop himself; but angrily yells back at Rigel saying once his brother has grown up he could leave retrieving the others to him. Sees that Rigel is already gone and yells who's being the selfish one now.  

When morning comes Kyoshiro chews Orion for sending his friends away and he tells the white kishu to stop patronizing him. Having enough of his attitude Kyoshiro decides to give him a thrashing Orion tries to stop by saying he'll embrass himself he challenges him but Kyoshiro refuses to back down. He quickly evades Kyoshiro's attacks and headbutts him into submission easily winning the fight.

But just as the fight is over the red akita cries saying that he has to respect his limits and he can't do whatever he feels like. He tells everyone of the promise he made to Akame and that he is a man of his word but he if hadn't been told to do that he would have left like Sirius but he refused because he stayed behind for everyone else's sake and that without a leader the Ohu Army was useless. He continues to cry until he lays his head on the ground but he is comforted by Mel saying that if Weed was here to hear what Orion had said, then his father would be proud of him too.

Sometime later, he and the others see Jerome return to the army and see that Daisuke has followed him. Orion tells his grandfather that his former owner is here and goes to greet him but the greeting is quickly turned into a bark when he sees that Daisuke has brought a leash for Gin understanding that his godfather was trying to help he allows Gin to go with him. Just as he watches his grandfather go the old akita tells his grandson to make a promise that he'll mess everything up with his behavior. After that he began to look up into the sky with the weight of being a leader on his shoulders as he begins to wonder about his brother's and friend's safety.  

Shortly, after Gin leaves Orion becomes so confused about what to do, realizing that Monsoon has already gotten his revenge and believing that the bear has no reason to come back. Then, he lets all his stress get the better of him and runs through his comrades and tumbles off the cliff and lands in the water.  

He finds Jerome struggling in the river and pulls him to shore but the dog mistakes him for Lydia until Orion corrects him. Orion explained that he jumped because he wanted to calm down and he felt better because of it; then he admitted to Jerome that he wasn't as open-minded or kind as Sirius. When he asks Jerome what should he do all the shepard says is that he needs to trust his own judgement then their friends arrive and Kyoshiro chews him out for being reckless and he kicks the kishu into the water.  

Then, he pays a visit to Akame and the others with Jerome looking anixous saying that he can't wait six months for everyone to heal but Weed says he has to and Akame asks if he worried about Sirius but he says he's more worried about his friends that went to help him. Orion says that he's thinking of a future different from his brothers and before he leaves. He takes Akame's advice to train with the sickle and sharpens his techniques and returns to Ohu. Once he returns he asks everyone who had the weapon last Kurotora reminds him that it was him and goes to look for it but it isn't where he left it and suspects that Sirius hid it or someone misplaced it.  

He reports back to Akame that the sickle is nowhere to be found upon hearing that Akame has Orion learn the secret arts of the ninja and practices with bamboo. Hearing the old kishu's instructions he makes it a promise to polish his techniques until everyone is healed, when he gets back to the others the young pup begins practicing right away intriguing everyone to follow him. After witnessing Orion's progress he encourage Kurotora and the others to try all the dogs begin to fight over the stick he suggest that the dogs get their own.  

Once the dogs begin their training some of them become irritated that they are making little progress but Orion encourages them to keep going and that their hard work will pay off in time. Then, he hears from Kyoshiro that Rigel and Rocket have returned but with a bear cub, even after Rigel explains Orion still calls Sirius a fool and wants to test his weapon on Chibi.  

Orion continues to hold the bamboo in his mouth still not believing in Sirius's request to watch over Chibi and claims that Rigel has gotten soft. He tells Rigel to move as he wants to show him something cool but then Rocket steps in vouching for the cub after Orion sees Cross believe in Rigel's and Rocket's words. Orion lashes out at her with Kyoshiro saying that he agrees with him but why did he have to lash out like that but all he says is that someone needs to protect their paradise. Then, he gets battered by Kurotora for his attitude and for being a brat but Orion reminds the kai ken that Gin and Akame entrusted the army to him and that it is his duty to protect them.  

But when he hears Kurotora say he doesn't need to be protected by Orion and not to underestimated him, Orion reaching his boiling point turns his bamboo stick on the kai ken. Kurotora gladly welcomes Orion to challenge him from behind he sees Kyoshiro coming straight for him until the kishu is stopped by Cross. Then, he is intercepted by Jerome who tells him to think carefully and that he shouldn't point his rage at his friends and Orion is given the opportunity to test his weapon on the shepard but he stops at the last second knowing he doesn't have a reason to kill his ally. After Kyoshiro gets free he receives a beating from the kishu not running or fighting back through it he understood that Kyoshiro really did care for him in his own way. After Kyoshiro was held back by Mel he tells him that he went easy on him and asks why is he crying he asks Orion the same thing telling him not to burden himself with the army after that everyone shared in a laugh. Now Orion's resentment for Monsoon was put on hold for now but it still continued to grow in him, holding the bamboo stick in his mouth he follows the others back up the hill seeing Sirius's image up in the sky.  

Orion continued his training improving more and more and motivated but knew this wasn't enough he needed more. After he was done cutting grass he moved onto tree cutting a small magnolia with ease impressing Jerome and the others. After another training session Orion returns to find the others laughing and when he sees them not training he asks they have given up Rigel says they haven't, so he tells them to get back to it running off again.  

Then he went into the forest to train on his own testing his techniques on a bigger tree imagining it was Monsoon until the bamboo stick broke. Getting another one Orion practiced countless times before resting but that was he was attacked by an eagle-hawk he tried to getaway but the bird's claws already dug into him. He was saved from a quick assist from Rigel who was secretly watching with Chibi, he thanks him and kills the bird in one attack mastering the arts.  

Once a month had gone by Orion was training with Jerome and his sons who were chasing after a boar. With his improved technique he manages to slay the boar deciding to carry it back to Ohu. 

After Orion's friends and Gennai return, he shows them how much he has improved and tells them to keep practicing but hears Kyoushiro and Cross. In a formal manner he asks the kishu if he's ready to train and when Kyoushiro asks Orion if he's getting the wrong idea but retorts saying that him. When he hears the kishu complain about his leadership skills and possibly inheriting the Ohu Army. Orion admits that he doesn't want to be here or the leader also knows no one wants to fight but the pack still needs protection. True to his words, Orion makes a great leap and with the bamboo he cuts a big tree branch off astonishing everyone saying he'll keep his grandfather's promise.  

Orion continues his training with his friends telling them to treat this like a real fight. But when Rigel questions how hard Orion been training he says they have to keep training like this and when Andy reminded his brother of what happened earlier he agreed as Rigel was only one who broke the red akita's bamboo stick. In a 6 on 1 fight Orion watched Akakama practiced asking if he's doing it right however, the pups attacks saying if you move too slow it won't work while not cutting red Irish Wolfhound's bamboo stick but leaves a mark on his face. As he wants to continue Orion's attack gets intercepted by Rigel as they collide Rigel breaks Orion's and his bamboo stick collapsing on the ground. Getting up Orion was proud of Rigel for his progress and encouraged him to keep practicing and that he has a technique all his own. He sees that Sirius, Chibi and Shion has returned, from them he's been informed that everything is calm with Monsoon for now.  

Sometime after Gin, Weed and the others return they engage in discussion about their next move. After hearing Sirius says that his intentions are not the same as everyone else, Orion steps in saying that Sirius has changed now that he's sticking up for Monsoon calling him a traitor and how it ticks him off that he doesn't listen also calling him closed minded. But when Sirius says that to Orion he loses his temper needing to be restrained by Weed where he asks his father and grandfather to tell him he's wrong. When Sirius was given to leave Orion told him not to run ashamed that he calls himself a male and Shion goes with him he reminds his cousin he's free to do what he wants.  

Knowing this would happen Orion comes down with his bamboo stick asking his brother what's he going to do saying he won't let Sirius just depend on his words also agreeing he doesn't give up either.  

When winter comes Orion, Rigel and the grandfather meet up with Daisuke before rejoining the others but when he hears their godfather calling him thinking it wouldn't be safe for Gin to go. But the old akita that he's too young to talk back to him upon leaving they notice Sirius and Chibi, that's when he notices something familiar about the cub. After informing Gin; Orion considers other options with him but was stopped by his grandfather saying as long as he has the same intentions as them then Chibi is a friend.


  • In an interview, it was revealed that Yoshihiro Takahashi wanted to create a different kind of and more fierce main character after very kind-hearted Gin and Weed. Orion is meant to be more like his great-grandfather both in personality and appearance.
    • Despite this, Orion is actually unlike his great-grandfather in personality in that while Riki is actually pretty kind (though not as much as Gin, Weed, and Sirius) and very wise. Orion is hasty and can sometimes be rude, the latter even more often when he was a puppy.
  • Despite his mother being a pure Kishu and father an Akita and Kishu mix, characters say in chapter 9 of GDN that they looking for an Akita.