MeaningBrightest Star in the Orion Constellation
CauseKilled by Nero
BreedKishu/Akita mix
BirthplaceFutago Pass located in Ōu, Akira Prefecture
GDWyounger than 1 month
GDWO0 - 6 months old
GTLW1 - 1.5 years old
GDN2 years old
Fur ColorBlack, White
Eye ColorBlue

Rigel is a main character of Ginga Densetsu Weed: OrionGinga: The Last Wars and Ginga Densetsu Noah. He also got a role as a main character in Ginga: The First Wars.

He is a member of the Ōu Army. Just like his siblings, he is named by Gin‘s former owner, Daisuke. He’s the current Supreme Commander.

He is the great-great-grandson of Shiro and Yamabuki, the great-grandson of Riki and Fuji, the grandson of Gin and Sakura, the son of Weed and Koyuki, the nephew of JoeKotetsu and Yukimura, the youngest brother of BellatrixOrion and Sirius, the cousin of Kōshirō and the second-cousin of Shion.


Rigel is a bi-coloured Akita Inu/Kishu Inu mix with black and white fur and blue eyes. He has typical urajiro markings, that looks exactly like his brothers and relatives.

In The First Wars, he is shown with snot hanging from his nose


Much like Orion, Rigel has a foul mouth, and he usually yells at his sister Bellatrix. He seems to have calmed down a bit after spending time with Kurohabaki Terumune. At first, unlike his brothers Rigel was hesitate about his abilities but grows in confidence. He has a tendency to be hasty when wanting to fight his enemies even though he’s outnumbered. Also like Orion, due to his age Rigel can let fits of rage or sadness control him.

In GTLW, just like his family Rigel also fights for his comrades like for Sasuke during the fight against Monsoon’s Kin. Through that, Rigel’s kindness, courage and bravery as similar as his father Weed’s. His willingness and determination to protect Sasuke during the battle against Monsoon’s Kin probably comes from the regret he feels from failing to protect his previous mentor or help Masashige.

Despite his brothers constant arguing he understands them both. Also like Weed and his brother Sirius he views all life as important as in he won’t sacrifice one life for another. He has a tendency to be more patience than Orion. Like Orion, Rigel is also beginning understand the limitations of the Ohu Army knowing that they need more than just their fangs to defeat Monsoon. Although he is quiet and calm sometimes, Rigel can have a bit of a temper.

Despite having grown up as a wild dog his whole life, Rigel like his family does have a soft spot for one human in particular and that’s Daisuke. Rigel like his siblings does appreciate Daisuke’s help when they need it showing his trust in his grandfather’s owner.

According to Weed, Rigel has grown into reliable male having both Orion’s fighting spirit and Sirius’ calm nature.

Ginga Densetsu Weed – Hybrid Arc

Rigel makes a minor appearance in the end of the series, as he is born as the second youngest son of Weed and Koyuki.

Rigel is named by Daisuke after he sees the puppy looking at the stars of the night sky.

Ginga Densetsu Weed: Orion

The Natural Disaster

In the beginning, Rigel, along with his siblings, came down to a river to see Daisuke and Hidetoshi. They offer fish to Rigel and his siblings. Afterwards, his parents, Weed and Koyuki, called him back home.

During the volcanic eruption in Ohu, Sasuke was given the task to look after Rigel and his siblings Sirius and Bellatrix. Sasuke and Weed’s four pups manage to survive the catastrophe and find an abandoned shed, where the puppies can be safe from the snow. While their baby-sitter scouted the area to search for any survivors, Sirius told Rigel to look after Bellatrix.

The Journey

Rigel got lost after the volcanic disaster and was found by Terumune Kurohabaki. He wanders with the old dog and trains with him. However, Terumune is very ill and Rigel needs to take care of him and hunt for him.

When an assassin called Shinnosuke and his friends appears, Rigel at first was hestaint to fight until Terumune encourages him kills the assassin with a ninja technique taught to him by the elder dog even though, he was an assassin the pup and Terumune buries him. When he and his mentor arrive in Mutsu, Rigel was horrified to learn that his grandfather’s old friend Kisagari and his family were slained by his mentor’s clan and begins to think about his own family, with that Rigel reveals that Weed is his father to Terumune’s surprise but he soon hears the elder dog comfirm where the Ouu Army is being held. He follows Terumune to the shed wear they are being held, the black akita is able to dig his way through the snow. When Terumune opens up a small hole allowing him to go in he reunites with his pack but couldn’t brake the cage to free them and seeing that they are being cared by humans Rigel leaves with the intention to free them.

However, he and Terumune are found by KōsetsuTsumuji and Kurokirimaru as Terumune fights them off he forces Rigel to flee for help but hears his mentor die. Then, he falls into the river and is rescued by his Uncle Kotetsu, sometime later Rigel comes too and sees his uncle relieved that he’s alright. But the reunion is short lived when the three brothers find him; wishing to avenge Terumune’s death. He lunges straight for one of the brothers remembering what Terumune taught him and his brothers. Rigel uses the Ningatō to drive them away after that he was stopped his uncle saying they didn’t want any trouble so they walk away as Rigel continues to cry over Terumune’s death. Then, he remembers that they rest of the army is trapped in a shed informing his uncle of their whereabouts but had to keep it under the guise of secrecy due to being in the enemy’s camp. After their training session was over the two dogs encounter Masashige who releases their group and returns his kindness but after hearing what he’s done to Kisagari’s family, Rigel attacks him, but is stopped by his uncle when he hears that the white dog is regretting his previous actions and wishes to make amends. The three of them travel together to search for the Ouu Army, finding them in a shed in the mountains. Rigel has a small reunion with his grandfather, Gin, with Uncle Kotetsu but can’t rescue them was told by his uncle that his parents were alive. However their second reunion was cut short when Masashige tells them that someone is coming and they need to leave. But they see that everyone is being taken care of humans who came to feed them but vows to come back with someone who can help free them.

Ōu Army’s Release

Rigel follows Masashige to the village and finds Masamune Kurohabaki’s owner but seeing his condition he needed help. Then, Rigel began to remember his grandfather Gin’s owner Daisuke and his mentor Hidetoshi and goes off to seek them. Along the way he meets his parents, Mel and Kyoshiro relieved to see that they are alright but Kyoshiro warns them of a great danger and Rigel leaves to find his brothers. Later on, the three run into the Kurohabaki clan and start a fight. Masashige drives them off and follows them to finish them. Rigel and Kotetsu, who fled to safety find him fighting Kosetsu, Tsumuji and Kurokirimaru. Although Rigel wants to help, Kotetsu holds him back saying there’s no way he can take them all on. As he and Kotetsu flee they come across an abandoned shed with a female and her puppies inside and leave quickly to help Masashige but it’s too late.

He and Kotetsu watch as Masashige is killed by the kai dogs, despite the akita’s desperate attempt to help afterwards they bury him. As they continue their travels and come across a man at a store who gives them food moving on their way, the two manage to find Daisuke at Hidetoshi’s house. They come across another dog in a cage which happens to be Andy and the two follow them. The two begin to follow them back to Daisuke’s house to which Daisuke is surprised and happy to see them. But the reunion is cut short as Rigel and Kotetsu wanted Daisuke and Hidetoshi to follow them to where the other soldiers are being held. After a little playful fight with Andy; they are both surprised when the young pup says he is John’s nephew. Wearing the proper attire Rigel leads them to shed but it’s locked during their 3rd reunion the black akita introduces Andy to the army and tells them of Daisuke’s and Hidetoshi’s arrival.

Seeing that they need a key to open the lock Rigel, Kotetsu and Andy ride in the back of a truck to a hospital in the village with Daisuke asking if the nurse knew someone who had the key seeing the dogs she gives Rigel a quick hello. As Daisuke and Hidetoshi ask around Rigel stays in the truck with Kotetsu and Andy, they manage to find Kurohabaki Masamune’s owner and with the key, Rigel leads the others back to the shed to free the Ohu Army.

When the Ohu Army is released, under his decision, Rigel given a choice to stay with Daisuke or not by his grandfather trusting he be good hands but the black akita follows his pack. Then, Rigel and Kotetsu lead Gin and Akame back to his father Weed to see that he was safe and sound. Rigel follows Gin and Akame to find Kurotora and the others on a hunt for food and come across Andy again wishing to introduce himself. During their travels to stop the enemy clan he sees Mel and Kyōshirō following them. Then, he reunites with the remaining members and his brothers crying tears of joy and hugging them. He, his brothers and the others are left in Cross‘s care.

The Final Battle

Weed returns to them and shares a happy reunion with his family before they move on to the matter of Masamune. Rigel follows his family in the fight against Yamabiko’s brother. As they fight, the evil dog climbs up the cliff to fight them while Orion was to fight to protect everyone Rigel rusheed to get his grandfather and after Masamune made it to the top about to attack Yamabiko, Rigel rushes in and attacks Masamune instead with the technique Terumune taught him wishing to avenge his mentor. But the evil dog slams the pup into the snow as the others watch helplessly.

Masamune prepares to throw Rigel over the edge of the cliff, but Unsai runs into the fray and catches the puppy, setting him safely on the ground. He continues the fight with the rest of the soldiers, as the fight nears it’s end he hears that his father will banish his brother Orion if the red akita continues to disobey the army’s rules. Then, just as Rigel watches his brother leave he sees that Izō will takeover as Orion’s guardian. After death of Masamune, Rigel and the other pups following ravens and find Kojūrō‘s body and they bury it together.

After everyone else goes back to their lands, dogs sees a helicopter in the sky and see Daisuke, Hidetoshi and Masamune’s Owner visit the dogs. And soon after Bella is reunited with help of Akakama’s stepfamily they all return to Ohu.

Ōu’s last spring, the first by Rigel has experienced arrives.

Ginga: The Last Wars

Rigel is away with his brothers, training at the Akame Mountains and has been so for 6 months. Sasuke arrives at the foot of the mountains and is greeted by Rigel and Sirius who take him to see Orion.

After the dogs have been reacquainted, they are informed by Akame of the situation in Ohu and agree to gather help from their friends across Japan. Before they leave Rigel hears that Bella wanted to come too but he agreed with his brothers that she should stay put with their mother and think more thoroughly. On their way to meet Yamabiko, Rigel notices Orion getting restless and wants to go on ahead he tells him to be more patient and informed his brother that Sirius went to find Unsai. When wishing to do something Orion tells him to look after their sister and mother. Being important to the army too Rigel thought there was someone else until Sasuke volunteers and Rigel leaves with Orion. They travel together to fetch reinforcements when they come across Unsai and his group.

Unsai sends Kawasemi with Rigel and Sirius as they take a different route. Eventually, Rigel and Sirius come across the gorge that was once leaped over by their father and grandfather. The two brothers make it over with ease, and assist Kawasemi in climbing back up after he slips. The three dogs then continue their journey.

Sometime later, a flood causes a wounded Ken to be washed into a river and the Ou army go to the location to find and save him. They each keep a watchful eye on the raging river, as Kawasemi dives in to find him.

After Ken is saved, Rigel heads with the others to find Monsoon and begin the attack.

When Sasuke begins to panic and says he doesn’t want to die, Rigel carries him and tell him that he’s taking him away from the battle for a bit. He tells him not to move and if he stay still, they won’t attack him. Rigel returns to the battle again.

Seeing that the bear has injured his mentor Rigel tells Sasuke that he’s going to cut one of Monsoon’s Kin using Ningatō. He tells Kyōshirō and Rocket to kill him and don’t let him get up. Rigel tells Sasuke how could he be that rash and he can’t die. Sasuke tells him go on and don’t worry about him but he tells Sasuke that he’ll be okay and not to move from he put him. He says to him that he’s got nothing to worry about and will protect him. Sasuke thanks him and tell him that makes him happy but still tells him to go and leave him here. Sasuke tells him that his friend is going come to get him. He ask Sasuke what are he saying and hold on. He tells him not to give up.

After the bears are gone he sees that Daisuke has come to help knowing that Sasuke and their injured comrades will be okay. Rigel goes with his brother Sirius to greet and thank him.

Rigel leaves with Sirius and Zion and locates Bob and hears his brother ask Bob for his cooperation and they head in the opposite direction away from Akame’s group.

After getting Bob to cooperate Rigel follows Sirius and Zion in the search for Monsoon as they reach the edge of the woods. They come across Akame’s group, even though he listens to Sirius’s story of Monsoon’s hatred for the Ohu Army, he continues to watch his older brothers argue even hearing Orion say words that left him speechless and then fight until it was cut short by Andy.

During the fight among his brothers, Rigel wished to say something but was stopped by Andy telling him that he doesn’t have to say anything about how his brothers are acting. When Bob tries to make his escape he gets pinned by Bon but Rigel says for Bon to get off him and that he didn’t become the bear’s subordinate by choice. He and the others noticed that Akame has collapsed from exhaustion and had to pass the sickle, when Sirius tried to take the weapon Rigel tackled him out of the way thinking he was going to run away with it. But Sirius told Rigel not to get in the way and much more shock he heard Orion disown Sirius as his brother.

Rigel watches the fight between his older brothers comes to a boil, he begs for Orion not to attack Sirius but Rigel rushes in between them stopping Orion. He admits to his brother that he has the same opinions as him but tells his brother if he dares to attack Sirius with the sickle he’ll protect him. Then, Orion points out the bears are only interested in eating them and Rigel gets asked is he just like Sirius and if so Orion won’t go easy on him either.

He says that he couldn’t think of living those bears after what they have done but Rigel also understood that Orion can’t hurt Sirius just for thinking differently. Rigel asks Orion to stop pointing the weapon at Sirius. Rigel along with others watches Orion throw the sickle and it hits Sirius in the head. Then, hears the rest of the army coming and sees that they have brought humans and now he agrees that they have the power to beat them. Rigel watches Sirius trying to talk to Zion to convince the bears to run but Zion says those bears are not like the ones he knows.

Rigel watches Sirius climb up to the top of Futago Pass, trying to talk to the bears when his brother sees that Zion isn’t coming. He along with Orion watches Sirius shed tears in his eyes, then with everyone’s combined efforts the rest of Monsoon’s Kin is defeated. After that Rigel and his brothers greeted by Daisuke again and he isn’t surprised that Rigel still remembers him as they are defeated the dogs howl in victory as he gets petted by Daisuke. But he and Daisuke turn their attention to Sirius saying to Orion to quit getting everyone rattled up and that the battle is over. Rigel and Daisuke continue to watch the two brothers argue until Akame stops them.

Rigel watches Daisuke and Hidetoshi revive Akame but needs treatment badly and takes him away. He along with the others watch as Akame and Izou are taken away hoping they get well soon. He sees Sirius and Zion going after to Monsoon to talk to him, he is told by Orion to stop his brother but he refuses by saying that Sirius is different from then personality wise and growing up. Sirius will follow what he believes in no matter what and he hears Orion call Sirius nothing but a bleeding heart.

Some time later Rigel watches from a nearby hillside with his brother Orion and their comrades as Daisuke and the people of the village bury their fallen allies and pays their respects. Daisuke comes with food for them as a reward Rigel thinks that it’s a good idea that everyone should eat and those that are injured should eat first with Orion agreeing.

After that he sees the Pet Dog Squad leave and Orion thanks them for their help and wishes them a safe journey home. The Squad tells Rigel they’ll always be on the side of the Ohu Army with the black akita seeing them as thoughtful too. He begins to see that his brother is maturing along with him, then he hears about his brother’s promise to Akame about staying out of anymore fights until everyone has healed.

As the days pass by he and Orion meet with Daisuke as he comes to treat the dogs that couldn’t be housed. Then, the two are brought by Daisuke to see their father Weed in the barn, making a good recovery and happy to see him. They tell them that Sirius is fine and that he has nothing to worry about.  

During the conversation Rigel asks Weed about their grandfather and Akame; he informs the pups that Akame is alive; their grandfather is at Daisuke’s house. Then, their attention is turned to Akame saying that he can’t die until the pups have grown into full fledged adults.  

Rigel already believes that they are adults but Akame says they have grown in body but not in the mind. And Rigel informs Akame that Sirius has taken Zion with him to go after Monsoon, Orion also comments on Sirius naivety and that he doesn’t care anymore; Sirius has even surprised everyone. However, their attention is now turned to Unsai saying he can’t die not before they deal with Monsoon, Orion says they can’t use him in his condition and leave everything to them, but Unsai informs them that they have to stop Sirius before he makes a terrible mistake to which Orion and Rigel can agree too. Then, Daisuke takes them to his house to see their grandfather Gin; they are introduced to Daisuke’s father and they start to pick up their granddad’s scent and rush inside Daisuke’s house and they are glad to see him alive. Orion asks their grandfather if he can see again to which he can.  

Rigel hears Orion tell their grandfather everything that happened including that Sirius went after Monsoon with their cousin Zion, that they should give up their revenge and become friends but Orion still thinks that Sirius doesn’t know what he’s talking about. But most importantly that Orion stayed because he promised Akame that they wouldn’t go after Monsoon until everyone’s healed and since Akame nor Unsai couldn’t lead Orion had to take over and that as a leader he must act responsibly.  

The black akita also hears Orion tell Gin that Sirius’s kindness doesn’t make any sense no matter how bad an enemy is, he’ll always believe they’ll have a conscience and believes at this rate he’ll be killed and Rigel agrees to that too. He asks their grandfather what should they do but Gin says he’ll handle this and hears from Daisuke that once everyone is healed they could go back home and seeing that their friends need them Daisuke offers to take them home.  

Next, they notice their grandfather trying to stand up and Rigel tells him that his wounds will open up and shouldn’t stand in his condition but once he’s up. Rigel left with Orion and their grandfather to stop Sirius and find their comrades following the path Cross took and come across Tesshin surprised to hear him say words of despair until the Koga loses conscious. Seeing that Tesshin needs help Rigel rushes back to Daisuke’s house and leads their godfather and Daisuke’s father to Tesshin but Orion tells them it’s already too late.  

Then, he sees Daisuke carry Tesshin away for treatment and holds onto hope that Tesshin has a chance to live and reunited with Ken, Cross, Maru and Sunny. While walking back to the others Gin informs the group of Hiro, Lydia, Kenshin, his group and others passing. They group together and sleep the night away until Rigel is a woken by Orion and his friends; he asks them where are they going and Andy says they’re going to the bathroom and goes back to sleep.  

He is startled by his grandpa waking up from a nightmare then, Rigel discovers that the Kamakiri brothers and his brother Orion and his friends are gone. Figuring out where they went the black akita follows Rocket who tells him to go back but he refuses and comes across Orion and Bob. He asks is brother where did everyone and all Orion says is who’s this everyone you talking about, not wanting to play games Rigel quickly realizes that everyone hasn’t come back. Begins to asks if Orion told them to go but the red akita says he didn’t however; Rigel asks his brother why didn’t he stop them not sure what they can do with their small numbers.

Rigel chews Orion out for being extremely arrogant and having no consideration for others and leaves to follow Rocket.

Rigel and Rocket manage to catch up to the Kamakiri brothers, Orion’s friends and to his surprise Gennai and his subordinate Tsuyoshi and tells them by Gin’s orders they are suppose to go back.

He watches Rocket continue to convince Akakama and the others to turn back saying that it was Gin’s orders but the irish wolfhound says that it has to be a lie that Lord Gin would turn his back on his own grandson. And that he should be the one to bring him back, he hears Akakama say that he is resigning himself from the army; watches the others leave after Sirius. So Rigel says that they should report whatever happens after this by saying that he wasn’t able to keep up but when Rocket refuses. He thinks that Akakama scared him with Rocket chasing after him.  

Rigel and Rocket continue to follow Gennai and the others until Rocket collapses from his injury but Gennai tells them that this isn’t the time for resting. He stands up to defend the borozi understanding what he been through this couldn’t be help. When he hears Rocket say that they should go on without him and that Sirius’s life was more important than his own the black akita was astonished saying that his life was just as important as his brother’s.  

Then, he hears Gennai say that they are so disorderly because they don’t have a leader when the great pyrenees asks who will step up but Rigel and the others refuse to answer so Gennai takes over. While the others go on ahead Rigel looks after Rocket.  

Once Rocket is feeling better Rigel and him continue to follow the path of their friends hoping no one did anything reckless. Then, he and Rocket come across the forest watchmen and Bell asking her if she’d seen their friends but they hear a noise and discover to see Gennai being thrown by Monsoon. He sees his brother right in the bear’s striking range until Gennai pushes him out of the way. After Sirius is knocked out by Monsoon, Rigel watches Akakama hastily attack the bear.  

Rigel is relieved that Akakama has survived but after what has just happened he still hears Sirius tell everyone that he continue his quest with Monsoon.  

Rigel hears from his brother that his purpose was to talk not to fight. With Zion still following him Rigel watches Sirius leave wanting to have a chance. He watches Gennai attack Sirius in a fit of rage for his attitude, then they all hear a cry help only to discover that it’s one of the watchmen’s dogs with his front paws cut off. Coming to a realization Rigel understands that only the humans could bring Monsoon down seeing that their power wasn’t enough with Akakama agreeing. Also understand that the humans don’t know anything about Monsoon yet; Rigel and the others begin to hear the watchmen’s dogs owner’s whistle and takes the fallen hunting dog back to their owners.  

After Gennai leaves Bell with an important Rigel follows him as they track a helicopter hoping to lead the humans to Monsoon, until night fall and they begin to rest. They hear a scream and begin to suspect it was Sirius until the pyrenees calms them down, Rigel and the Kamakiri brothers come to check on his brother only to get attacked by Sirius who was angry at them that they came back and Monsoon starting to get angry.  

After the harsh scolding Rigel gets from his older brother and leaves with his friends but too far away and quickly meets up with Sirius, Zion and the cub. After Sirius apologizes to the point where Rigel was shedding tears he couldn’t understand why his brother wanted to reason with Monsoon after what he did. But after hearing his brother’s reasons he finally realizes he couldn’t convince him the trio leaves.

When Rigel and the others return to Gennai’s group his leader sees that they were unable to convince him. He sees Sirius and Zion return to the group with the bear cub surprised that the cub is still with them, he gets asked by Sirius to take Chibi back to Ohu with them and after Gennai’s bad choice of words Rigel blocks Sirius from attacking Gennai. Surprised that Chibi started to speak dog language and hearing that Sirius has big hopes for the young cub Rigel agrees on taking Chibi to their home with Rocket escorting them.

Once Rigel and Rocket return to Ohu with Chibi they find the cub hiding behind a rock he explains that the dogs are their friends. Commends the cub for learning how to speak dog, but sees the whole pack come for the cub. Kyoshiro dives in to attack Chibi but Rigel throws him away with ease surprising everyone and explains that Chibi has no connection to Monsoon and that his mother was killed by Monsoon. He was told by Sirius to bring Chibi here until the cub becomes independent.

Rigel tries to convince Orion not to kill Chibi, but his brother tells him not to be so soft to show and that he wanted to show him something but Rigel comments on what Orion killing Chibi. Next, he hears Rocket vouche for Chibi when the cub gets scared, Rigel tries to comfort him. Rigel also hears Kurotora battering Orion for his attitude. When he hears that Orion is trying to protect everyone in Ohu, Kurotora says that he doesn’t need protection from him. He also sees Orion pointing his bamboo stick at Kurotora, convincing Orion to attack him. but is stopped by Jerome and watches in horror as Orion almost attacks him. He watches Kyoshiro give Orion a beating, while crying profusely. Mel restrains him, but soon the tears turn into laughter as everyone runs back up the hill.

Rigel is seen alongside to a sleeping Chibi. Then Orion arrives and wants everyone to get back to training, but Rigel tries to calm him down by saying that they haven’t given up, and sees his brother rush off. Wanting to see what Orion is up to, he and Chibi follows him, and finds him training relentlessly. Rigel tells the bear cub to be quiet, but moments later he sees his brother get attacked by the eagle-hawk, and Rigel rushes to defend him. After Orion is freed, he watches him instantly kill the bird with his bamboo stick, before the others find them and Orion rushes off again.

Some time later Rigel sees Gennai and the others return frantically he asks the group about Sirius but Gennai asks about Gin and the others instead. After that Rigel hears him mention of a throw down and tells him that everyone will be fully healed in Autumn. While waiting for his father, grandfather and the others to return Rigel continued training with Orion as apart of it he went against him a six to one fight as he clashed with his brother Rigel was able to break Orion’s bamboo stick. He was praised by his brother for his progress and soon he and the others see Sirius and Shion return.

Ginga Densetsu Noah

After the death of his brother Sirius and Monsoon, Rigel heard of his brother Orion’s disappearance and left with the husky brothers to look for him. While search they find Crow collapsed on the ground, refusing to leave Rigel wanted to take Crow with them but he turns out to still be alive. Rigel says to the huge dog that his group came from Futago Pass and were looking for Orion.

He returns with water for Crow and gets into a bit of an argument with Izou with the husky believing he’s thinking more like his brother Sirius. With Crow taken care of Rigel and his group take their leave but not before telling him to recover in Ohu saying their pack will never turn those who are hurt. Being informed of his father’s whereabouts by Crow, Rigel heads to the Aka-Ari group’s stronghold in Echigo to assist him. On his way there he and husky brothers reunite with Sasuke, Tesshin and their groups overhearing their conversation about the Aka-Ari clan and his father’s capture, after sending the german shepherd brothers Sunny and Maru back to Ohu for help. But when Ken mentioned Orion, Rigel thought it’d be best that his brother doesn’t know about it aware that he hadn’t gotten over what happened to Sirius and if he finds out about their father was worried Orion would turn into an uncontrollable monster regardless they close in on Echigo to rescue Weed.

Closing in they come across one of Kenshin’s pups Shikoro who was trying to escape with a message for the Ohu Army but the black akita clarifies they are the ones he as been looking for. From him, Rigel discovers what Sasuke confirmed was true and made quick work of Shikoro’s pursuers, and they soon come across the Aka-Ari Army’s base and head boss WanWan surprised to find how huge he is but more shocked to find him trying to eat Shikoro’s brother Nobushi, he agreed with Izou that they were outnumbered but couldn’t overlook what’s happening. After Nobushi has been secured, Rigel attacks WanWan in self defense but is thrown off and soon sees Kage, Kyoshiro and Rocket coming with Beniou’s and his subordinates behind them leaving the group completely surrounded. Rigel introduces himself as Weed’s third son and release his father to them, he quickly calms Kyoshiro needing to think their situation through. Rigel talks to them admitting they don’t know who they are and that the Aka-Ari Army was in Kenshin’s territory who was a friend to the Ouu Army. Hearing Beniou talking back he asks which one is the boss and WanWan replies he is, retorting if Rigel is the future leader of his pack but he answers no as the title belongs to his older brother Orion, reciting one of his pack’s laws about listening to each other and how one dog can’t take charge of everything.

As the talks continue, Rigel agreed to making a deal with them with no messy results, WanWan agrees and their terms were that the Nokizaru pack and his father would be set free but when it came to the enemy’s term the Ohu was shocked to hear that they wanted their paradise. When Izou and the others refused, Rigel told the Tibetan brothers that he keeps his promises and would convince them but the fight is interrupted by Weed, who arrives on the scene after having recovered somewhat from his injury. The Aka-Ari leader tells Rigel and Weed he wants to take over their paradise, and Rigel agrees as he doesn’t want to lose any more lives, much to the annoyance of his father. But the black akita explained to his father Weed that it was only temporary as they all needed to survive first understanding that they knew so little about their enemy and seeing that giving in to pride would cost them dearly Rigel wanted to gather as much information as they could so they would be able to fight the Aka-Ari Army on more fair terms with the intent on getting the home back. Seeing his father and WanWan agree to the terms, Rigel prepares to take his pack and leave but Beniou didn’t agree to the conditions as he couldn’t let all of them leave and sees WanWan’s brother go after Kyoshiro and Rocket. Rigel told WanWan about their agreement and to stop his brother but when he refused too and called the young dogs friends “underlings” he retorted back saying that all life is equal but the big dog only laughed. Seeing that he wasn’t agreeing to the deal Rigel calls it off commanding Sasuke to take his father and the Nokizaru pack away to safety while they deal with the evil pack unaware that his brother Orion was closeby.

Seeing that WanWan was after his father, Rigel rushed to his defense but sees Rocket get caught in the Mastiff’s mouth, seeing a leader sink so low; the black akita was prepared to fight. He used the Ningatou on WanWan and Rocket was free upon seeing the three mastiff brothers unite Rigel was suprised to see the arrival of his own brother Orion. Seeing his brother unleashing the Battouga on WanWan and briefly knock down Beniou, he also listens to his brother’s speech about despite being weak and small a true male fights to the end to protect those they care about. Aware that WanWan isn’t beaten, Rigel along with the others see that Orion’s attack did damage to the mastiff’s eyes even worse they saw WanWan attack his own allies brutally killing all that were around. The entire group was stunned by WanWan’s behavior and yet the fight still continued even though the pack gained support from Hirota’s missing father Munecheika and his friends. The fight was interupted when a bigger meteor came crashing into the area scattering everyone despite Rigel and the others being surrounded by fire they’re alright but the mastiff brothers along with Andy and Yamabiko were nowhere to be found.

But to his relief Andy and Yamabiko were fine and yet the mastiff brothers were still gone while escaping the blaze Rigel noticed helicopters from up above aware that they’re supporters. The next day, once they made it to a safer area he thanked Munechika for all he’s done, and was happy that their father was alright and spoke on behalf of the dog forgiving for his earlier actions but told the deserted soldiers to never support the Aka-Ari again. Shortly after he and Orion explained the situation to Weed, still hearing Munechika’s deep gratitude and remorse, the akita discovered that he was the one who spread the rumors believing that the Ohu army was gone and for the damage the Aka-Ari caused. They listened to Munechika’s story of what happened before he and his friends were caught by them and still grateful Orion accepted them into the pack.

Afterwards they discussed what to do about the Aka-Ari and from Munechika and surprisingly from the former captain Orion almost killed they discovered the mastiff brothers had a hidden hideout. After planning and leaving the injured behind just as they were about to commence the attack everyone was interrupted by Chousuke who begged for forgiveness and was surprised that they were followed by the elders but the reunion was bittersweet as Orion heard from a regretful Kin that Tama was killed. Outraged, the akita wanted revenge but heard from Tama that they didn’t have time and heard of the pyreness’ message about a meteor falling from the sky about cause major damage and they had to take shelter in the ark of Echigo a place that his father was aware of. With that they realize the place they have to take refuge is in Yukimura’s home arriving there Rigel meets his uncle’s adopted father Saheiji while waiting Rigel and others leave to gather food but just as they do Noah’s prophecy come true and they all head to safety in the mine.


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