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Rokusuke is a rogue dog moving with his younger comrade Bess.


Rokusuke is a dumb and short-tempered rogue dog. He was bit of a pervert and kind of lazy and cowardly. He often hit his friend Bess whenever he said something stupid.

Ginga: Nagareboshi Gin

Rokusuke lives with Bess somewhere in southern Honshu.

Akakabuto Arc

He cornered Cross near a creek when she was trying to make her way to Shikoku to tell her message to Gin, wanting to force her to be his mate. Cross refuses with a foul mouth and he rushes to grab her, but the white Saluki is then dragged into a hole by Oliver. Oliver comes out and challenges Rokusuke and Beth while Cross flees. Oliver beated Rokusuke and Bess, making them his minions and together they joined the Ōu Army. Rokusuke and Bess trick Kisaragi's forces with Oliver but are not seen in a while after this.

Wolf Arc

They later appear in the story when Rokusuke accidentally finds a way into the Gaia's Underworld.


  • Some fans believe Rokusuke is a Kishu, but nothing is confirmed.